Q & A with WSOF 35’s Matt Secor

Matt Secor squares u with Chip Moraza-Pollard at WSOF 20 on Saturday, April 10, 2015. Photo Credit: WSOF


A contestant on season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” Matt Secor will fight fellow welterweight Adubakar Nurmagomedov at World Series of Fighting 35 at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, New York March 18, 2017. The bout will be featured as the first fight on the main card, televised on NBC Sports Network at 11 p.m. ET.

Secor spoke to NJ MMA News about WSOF, his gym and fighting in his home state of New York.


Q: This will be your third fight for WSOF, is this a place where you can see yourself staying?

Secor: WSOF is good to me, but I will go to where the best competition is.


Q: How long have you had your own gym, Matt Secor Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Secor: I have been open for three months.


Q: Have you learned anything from it that benefits your fighting career?

Secor: 100 percent, I try and get better every day. Now I have my own place to get better with my rules, my workouts and my mentality.


Q: Nurmagomedov is on a five-fight win streak, how do you plan on derailing the streak?

Secor: I’m going to be faster, stronger, hit harder and outwit him. I’m not really worried about how many fights he has won, who he’s beat or what he does. I’m focused on being the best version of myself on March 18.


Q: How do you stack up against him?

Secor: If you ask me how I stack up against anyone, my answer is always going to be that I’m the better fighter. I get my confidence from my hard work, focus and accountability.


Q: Do you have a fight team at your gym?

Secor: I do have a fight team and we will be making noise very soon.


Q: With running a business and training for your fight, what kind of stress is involved in that?

Secor: I have two other instructors that help with the work load and stress is just a perspective.


Q: What does it mean to you to fight in your home state?

Secor: Fighting in my home state is so surreal, it is awesome. I have fought for over seven years and always had to fight the away games. I’m very excited to fight.

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