2020 Witch Award: here are the top 12 finalists

Premio Strega 2020: ecco i primi 12 finalisti

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From Sandro Veronesi's “The Hummingbird” to Jonathan Bazzi's “Fever”, from Valeria Parrella's “Almarina” to Gianrico Carofiglio's “Measurement of Time”: here are the first courses 12 books to contend on 74 th most famous literary prize of Italian literature

«I would like to come to you today with the lightness of the Queen of the day of the brigade of the friends of the Decameron who, gathered on the hills while the black plague rages, try to rebuild an order and to maintain the customs and customs of their world. ” That it is an exceptional moment Melania G. Mazzucco, president of the Steering Committee of the 74 th Witch Award , underlines it immediately. Yet, just like the protagonists of Boccaccio's work, it is necessary to go ahead and not stop the organizational machine of the prize which, faithful to the original plans, makes known, through a video published on the Net, the list of the first “dozen” of the finalists of 2020.

Against 54 proposals reported by the so-called “Friends of Sunday”, that is, the jurors for life, were successful in 12: The apprentice by Gian Mario Villalta (SEM), Italian boy by Gian Arturo Ferrari (Feltrinelli), The new season by Silvia Ballestra (Bompiani), Submerged city by Marta Barone (Bompiani), Very young by Alessio Forgione (NN Editore), The measure of time by Gianrico Carofiglio (Einaudi), Almarina by Valeria Parrella (Einaudi), Everything asks for salvation by Daniele Mencarelli (Mondadori), Fever by Jonathan Bazzi ( Fandango Libri), Short story of my silence by Giuseppe Lupo (Marsilio), Life, death and miracles of Bonfiglio Liborio by Remo Rapino (minimum fax) and The hummingbird by Sandro Veronesi (The ship by Theseus).

The twelve candidates for the #Premiostrega 2020 sH

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The books will now be read and voted on by a jury made up of 400 Friends of Sunday, to which are added 200 Italian and foreign scholars, translators and intellectuals selected by 20 Italian cultural institutes abroad; 40 strong readers selected by 20 independent bookstores distributed throughout Italy, and 20 collectives expressed by schools, universities and reading groups (including 15 clubs established at the Libraries of Rome) for a total of 660 voting people . The five finalists of the Strega Prize will be announced on June 9, while the winner will be awarded in the suggestive setting of Villa Giulia on July 2. Among the candidates, it is report the presence of Veronesi, who the Witch won him in 2006 for Calm chaos, recently reissued by the Nave di Teseo : if he can aspire to the brace, however, it is far too early to say.


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