5 Apulian first courses to make at home

5 primi piatti pugliesi da fare a casa

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Simple recipes of land and sea: here's how to take a trip to the typical cuisine of one of the Italian regions we love most

It is much less flashy in the kitchen than it is in the summer in the eyes of thousands of tourists who flock to its shores, but also here is the beauty of Puglia . It is at the top of the charts of favorite destinations and always fashionable, but it has preserved all its traditions at the same time, and in the kitchen it has never stopped telling a long story of simple recipes with great products that come from the land and the sea . To get to know it, the first courses are a great start, and in the gallery above you can find the recipe of five unmissable.

The orecchiette with turnip greens could not be missing , typical symbol of the region and typical of Bari, so good also thanks to a little secret of cooking pasta: it must be cooked in the same water as the vegetables. And then, among the fish dishes, two equally classic and always highly appreciated ideas to taste all the flavor of the tarantine mussels : large, tasty, with organoleptic characteristics unique in the world thanks to the quality of the waters in which they are grown. In a few steps they allow you to prepare spaghetti (or linguine) that you won't forget, and the Tièdde in the Bari area (which in Salento they call Taieddhra ): rice, potato and mussel pie, practical to make and offer to make a great impression during summer dinners.

A lot of fresh pasta too: in addition to the orecchiette there are, for example, strascinati (similar to the orecchiette but larger and closed on themselves) and the canned sagne (which are similar to wrapped noodles) which in Puglia are also used only with tomato, but only before a generous sprinkling of cacioricotta , typical excellent cheese also for bruschetta or salads. The tria is also fresh pasta short noodles that are also eaten fried to become the frizzuli of ciceri e tria: the pasta and chickpeas that was once prepared on the day of San Giuseppe and which now on the table never fails. Too good to eat it only once a year. To see the recipes browse the gallery above


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