5 ideas for a healthy snack like they used to be

5 idee per una merenda sana come quelle di una volta

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They ensure a lot of fiber, carbohydrates and good fats that give energy and satiety and fight hunger attacks. Here are 5 homemade snacks to try

Ready-made snacks are practical to consume. Too bad that in the majority of cases industrial snacks are not allies of the line and health. «Compared to the snacks of the past such as the classic bread and jam, or bread and ricotta that our grandparents ate, a packaged snack while having a similar calorie content, has a different impact on the metabolism »says the nutritionist Valentina Schirò , specialized in food sciences.

«Snacks in bags, sweets (biscuits, sweets, snacks.

..) or savory (chips, snacks …), almost always f adorn a surplus of saturated fats that favor overweight, cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease ». Furthermore, many times in packaged products there are added sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose) used to make them more palatable. “These substances are rapidly absorbed by the body. As a result, they cause high and low blood sugar levels quickly that stimulate a sense of hunger and encourage you to eat more. “

«At the same time they are rich in” empty “calories and low in nutrients useful to the body as vitamins and minerals. Finally, they often contain artificial preservatives and excessive doses of salt “says the expert.


Compared to industrial snacks, the home-made snacks that our grandparents ate once had a greater satiating effect . Think of the classic slice of bread with oil and tomato. “It provides good fibers and fats that slow down gastric emptying and help control hunger attacks.” Or think of the classic sandwich with omelette . «Eggs contain proteins of high biological value that prolong satiety. In addition, they promote the proper functioning of the metabolism and the construction and maintenance of lean mass “says nutritionist Valentina Schirò.


First you need to prefer whole wheat bread . “Compared to that of refined flours, it ensures a greater content of fiber, minerals and vitamins, allies of the line and of health” says nutritionist Valentina Schirò. To make its impact on blood sugar even lower and to prolong the feeling of satiety, the ideal is to use, as our grandparents once did, stale bread or toasted . « Compared to the fresh one, it has a lower glycemic index . So, constantly energizes the body and helps to control sudden hunger attacks »says the expert. Does the idea of ​​having a snack like our grandparents once teased you?

In the gallery you will find 5 ideas of healthy snacks like those of the past.

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