5 questions to Tropea

In our appointment this week we drag you into the goliardic world of Tropea, a band from the underground scene of Milan (and not from Calabria, as the name would suggest), made of relaxing melodies, healthy cringe and an unbridled passion for social dynamics, enough to have created an EP specifically for Tik Tok: read to believe!

1. Hi Tropea! To begin, we would like to ask you for a quote from a song that represents you. What's yours?

Hi everyone, we decided to introduce ourselves with this quote, taken from the song Supersonic by Oasis : “I need to be my self, I can't be no-one else, I'm feeling Supersonic, give me gin and tonic”. These words describe us very well, Noel Gallagher inserts something profound into a slightly braggart text. We are so, unfortunately or fortunately, we have a way of expressing ourselves that could not be anything other than ours. Continuing the song he says “You need to find a way for what you want to say, but before tomorrow”. Here: hence our need, the urgency. Clearly what this quote expresses can also be found in different forms in songs of different genres, but a less “pop” example would not have fitted as well with our spirits.

2. Define your work through your three tracks!

The first song we choose is Lost In Singapore: this song r represents what we started from , the original “tropein” dose. It is a simple and introspective song enough, that we love to play live to sing in chorus together with our audience. We can say that it is undoubtedly one of the songs we are most fond of.

The second song is Who May and we choose it for the themes it speaks of, to which we are particularly attached and which are recurring in our music: melancholy and “social” solitude, typical of the times in which we live. This is also our latest single, unpublished also in the way it was written, both because it saw the participation of all four, and because it was composed and produced in very short times. The piece represents the need to get out of our own patterns and to bring our music to new challenges: the piece is in fact part of a EP lasting of 3 minutes created specifically for TikTok .

The last song can only be Which One , a song that talks about self-destructive and at the same time “self-constructive” tendencies , which captures the critical hours of the late afternoon as an area in which to confuse day with night. It is the song with which we close our shows, in which the crowd is unleashed both above and below the stage! We like to get off the stage and mix with the audience, confuse the barriers between the stage and the audience, and basically making noise, you can't always make music on tiptoe.

3. In which line does your music fit? Who are your reference artists when you write?

We have various musical inspirations, changed over the years: we were still a group embryo in the 2015 / 2016, when albums came out that had a great influence on our songwriting. Mac de Marco , Unknown Mortal Orchestra , the then “new” Tame Impala by Currents , all fundamental artists for many groups formed in the same period.

Subsequently we began to open up to different sounds and to experiment, going to find out from post-punk, from the new wave but also from hits and sounds of the nineties and two, ila, like Cure , Joy Division, Gigi D'Agostino … Who would have thought! Precisely because we are curious and we like to experiment, we always remain fluid in our musical identity.

4. What is the biggest success you have collected for now in the CV and what would you like to answer if we asked you this question in a year?

We recently learned that one of our fans, a doctor engaged in the fight against Coronavirus in Emilia Romagna, listens to us every morning on his way to the hospital and finds the strength in our songs to start the day, a stimulus to fight and carry on this demanding battle. This has meant a lot to us: in a difficult moment for everyone, it allows us to continue moving forward with even more determination and to give our work a completely new meaning for us. Hoping that all this will end sooner or later, t ra one year we would like to answer you by flying to the States in Seattle, in the KEXP studios , where the music matters, to record a live hosted by our friend Dj Kevin Cole, who even in these complicated weeks has not made us miss his affection from overseas, interviewing us live during its Afternoon Show.

5. “My funniest experience is …”

With Tropea a reason to make a smile is almost never missing, when it seems that there is nothing to laugh about someone says something out of place and voila, the cringe mechanism starts up again. The funny situations that happen to us are really many. Our backstages are usually very crowded and nothing is understood. The record of laughter holds him after an concert at the home of three Latvian students in Rome, in a residential condominium. We ate an omelette filled with various delicious pickles found at home, with Mimmo dressed as a young Latvian girl. Nobody understood anything of the other language but we had a lot of fun, ending up asleep at five in the morning dazed by too much to laugh.

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