A global drought map built thanks to satellites

The space probes allow us to trace the local water supply and build models to predict how it will go in the near future. A video from NASA shows how

All the data collected during two entire satellite missions, integrated in a single model, were needed to build the map we present to you: a NASA job to visualize, on a global level, water and humidity shortages in the area and possible ongoing droughts. And also predict the most probable ones, based on current trends.

“Great droughts come to light easily when they affect the more developed countries” , explain the scientists of the Goddard center of the NASA, at the top of the project, “ but when they concern central Africa, for example, they could go unnoticed until the arrival of a humanitarian crisis” : tools of this type could make the difference.

(Credit video: Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center / Scientific Visualization Studio)

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