Agriculture, the workforce will be missing this summer: “At least 250,000 seasonal workers are needed”

Agricoltura, quest’estate mancherà la manodopera: «Servono almeno 250 mila stagionali» Agricoltura, quest’estate mancherà la manodopera: «Servono almeno 250 mila stagionali»

The Confagricoltura alarm: “With the blocking of circulation, it will not be easy to find workforce”. Giorgio Gori asks for a flows decree

Tomatoes, peaches, courgettes, apricots: who will harvest Italian fruit and vegetables this summer? “Thousands of regular foreign workers work in Italian agriculture 400, on 36% of the total , most of whom are Romanians. They won't come this year, “the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori wrote on Twitter. «At least 200 there are thousands of non-EU workers. A flow decree is immediately needed “.

Confagricoltura also raises the alarm of the lack of manpower in the countryside: “With the blocking of circulation, quarantines and people with health problems and those who have left, it is not easy to find workforce”, says the President Massimiliano Giansanti.

«We are in a crucial moment: the season of harvesting of vegetables and fruit is approaching in a worrying way summer. At least 250 thousands are needed. For this reason, we have written to the ministers of agricultural policies Teresa Bellanova and Labor Nunzia Catalfo to solicit government tools that facilitate the use of Italian labor, such as vouchers, or that give the possibility of employing people who have lost their jobs, who are self-employed or who benefit from the Basic income. Always respecting the optimal health conditions “.

And again: «Many seasonal operators have returned to their countries of origin due to the virus and others who are available to come – also because they have contracts already signed with the companies – are unable to arrive because they find difficulty crossing certain countries. Hence our request to the European Union to create a sort of “corridors” to allow the mobility within the EU of these workers. Also because the problem does not concern only Italy, but all European agricultural countries. It is estimated that in total at least 700 people are needed. Finally, the process for the definition of a new flows decree that allows the agricultural sector to employ non-EU workers must be started quickly. “

Even according to Coldiretti, «with the closure of the borders in the European Union almost one million agricultural workers are missing seasonal for the imminent harvesting campaigns in the countryside of the main agricultural countries: from Germany to France, from Spain to Italy, there is alarm with the European Union which risks losing food self-sufficiency this year and its role as the main world exporter of food worth 138 billion euro with a trade surplus in the agri-food sector of 22 billion “.

Based on Coldiretti elaborations (who collaborated on the Immigration statistical dossier 2019 ), “the community of agricultural workers most present in Italy is the Romanian one with 107591 busy, in front of Moroccans with 35013 and Indians with 34043, which precede Albanians (32264), Senegalese (14165), Poles (13134 ), Tunisians (13106), Bulgarians (11261), Macedonians (10428) and Pakistani (10272).


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