Alba Parietti, 59 years in bikini (to scream): «Proud to have lived them all»

I am of a certain age, not a certain age “. Alba Parietti , who celebrates her first 59 years, wanted to publish a snapshot of herself in costume on Instagram, aware of how this can be interpreted as “an excuse to perform and take the 50% of insults”. The showgirl, whose provocations are as well-known as they are effective (read under “peak listening”), showed herself without filters, because “this also makes me feel alive”.

«Next year they will be fiercely sixty» , he wrote on Instagram, «I love them all, I would not leave them and I would deny none, they are mine, I have extravagant them.

If anyone thinks that age is an offense or a deterrent for me, they are wrong. I am a flag (the years, editor's note ), I am alive and proud to have lived and eaten them all “, he wrote, whose bikini photo, registry, has very little.

The showgirl, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, showed timeless legs, in the proof - if still the photos of Jennifer Lopez were not enough for the purpose - of how the age is often just a number.


Alba Parietti: «Vaccinations save lives»

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