And now Ashton Kutcher speaks: “I have no relationship with Demi Moore (but with his daughters)”

E adesso parla Ashton Kutcher: «Con Demi Moore non ho rapporti (ma con le sue figlie sì)»

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After the publication of the memoir in which his ex-wife filled him with accusations, the actor has not said a word to date. Now, however, during a podcast, he distanced himself from the diva from which he divorced in 2013. Specifying: «I stayed in contact with Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. They are there for them and I will always be there “

The autobiography of Demi Moore, Inside Out , was released last September. And so far Ashton Kutcher has never publicly commented on the book that offers him a bad portrait. In the memoir Demi reveals that the ex-husband (they have been married since 2005 to 2013), sixteen years younger than her, a couple of times dragged her into a threesome (with him and with another woman): «It was a big mistake. The beginning of the end of our relationship. I was devastated by shame . For Kutcher was alone an excuse to have sex with other girls ». Not only. According to Demi, Ashton justified his subsequent, numerous betrayals , bringing up those three relationships. «When I found out that he had cornered me with a twenty one year old , he he said that bringing a third person into our relationship had blurred the boundaries. And I, in a way, justified it. ” In the book the actress indirectly accuses the ex also of his relapse in alcoholism : «One day Ashton , sipping a cup of good wine, said to me:“ I don't think alcoholism is a real thing. It is enough to set limits ”». Words that according to Demi made her fall back into an addiction she thought she had defeated: «I also wanted to be the type of woman capable of drinking a cup of wine or a tequila during a party. In my mind, he was the one who also wanted Ashton . And so I tried to transform myself into the normal and funny woman he dreamed of. “


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Ashton Kutcher, who from the 2015 is married to Mila Kunis with whom he had two children ( Wyatt Isabelle and Dimitri ) , after the release of the memoir he never said a word on the ex-wife . Now, however, in the podcast of his friend Marc Maron, he is back to name Moore. To liquidate it in a few words: « There is no bad blood running between us. We simply don't have relationships ». The actor instead spoke at length about the three daughters of the actress , Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis, respectively 31, 28 is 26 years: « I love him and will always love him. I am in contact with them and will never let them miss my support . Tallulah, the youngest, was 8 or 9 years old when I started dating Demi. ” Although the girls lived with him for eight years, the actor never wanted to replace Bruce Willis , described by Kutcher as «a wonderful man»: « I am not the father and I never wanted to be . Even now, if they don't feel like talking to me, I don't put pressure on them. But I try to keep in touch. “


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What do you think the actor of the accusations contained in the book of the ex-wife remains a mystery . There is only one clue on the topic. Last September, when the memoir hit the shelves of bookstores, Ashton let his Twitter profile know that he had written a “very sarcastic” message but then, for the sake of his family, he decided not to publish it: « I was on the point to send it when I looked at my son, my daughter, my wife, and deleted it . Life is Beautiful”.


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