Anna Foglietta and the tales read live on Instagram

Anna Foglietta e le favole lette in diretta su Instagram Anna Foglietta e le favole lette in diretta su Instagram

In the age of quarantine, the actress – together with the friends who founded the non-profit organization Every Child Is My Child – launches the social initiative dedicated to all children. Every day at 17 on the association profile

«Every child is our child». Around this sentence in 2017 there were many friends and artists who gave birth to the non-profit organization Every Child Is My Child, chaired by Anna Foglietta, who supports the education of children who are victims of the Syrian war.

And in these strange and sad days the actress, together with the friends with whom Every Child Is My Child Onlus was born, strongly wanted a special social initiative, creating daily appointments that will live on the Instagram profile of @everychildismychild live every day at 17 from April 1st.

A common action, aimed as always at spreading the message of “doing good”, which focuses on children and childhood, in which the artists who support the association will lend their faces and voices to read fairy tales from all over the world and to be together.

Is exactly Anna Foglietta , presented by Andrea Bosca and followed by Massimiliano Bruno, to kick off to this initiative that wants to keep our children company for a positive moment of leisure and flight in the world of fairy tales.

The guests of the live broadcast tomorrow, Thursday 2 April, will be Blu Yoshimi (I wanted to see the fireflies) and Andrea Bosca while the calendar of upcoming events is constantly updated: Daniele Silvestri and Violante Placido, Caterina Guzzanti and Marco D'Amore, Paola Minaccioni and Tosca, Vinicio Marchioni and Anna Ferzetti, Vittoria Puccini and Ghemon, Edoardo Leo and Emma Marrone, Michela Cescon and Claudia Potenza, Marco Bonini and Lidia Vitale, Luca Barbarossa and Paolo Calabresi.

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