Antifa, who is the organization that Trump wants to declare terrorist

Antifa, chi è l’organizzazione che Trump vuole dichiarare terrorista

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Antifa comes from an anti-fascist, but the definition is specific and indicates a group of the American left that Trump considers terrorist

To understand what it is Antifa one must think the opposite who wants to fight the white supremacists of the Alt Right . It is left against right, in its extreme points. The Antifa are not the anti-fascists in general, they are a movement without hierarchies, but also without a defined structure or certain members.

The American President Donald Trump would like to give this move most of the responsibility for the clashes on American streets after killing George Floyd. Trump has declared via Twitter that he wants to declare the group a “terrorist organization”.

According to New York Times cannot do it because the United States does not have a law on internal terrorism.

This far-left activism would develop right after Trump's election and the spread of far-right groups. The Antifa “claim that militant anti-fascism is by nature a self-defense , because the violence committed by the fascists is historically documented, in particular against marginalized people “. The Corriere della Sera reported this by referring to words by Mark Bray, history reader at Dartmouth College and author of the book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.

The Antifa do not have a leader, they dress mainly in black and often have their faces covered. Their political origin is not common: part of the radical left, anarchist groups, Black Bloc. These days they are close to the groups Black Lives Matter or Occupy . They do not reject the use of violence in response to what they believe racist and far-right groups would use. They always try to block other people's demonstrations.

The movement is very active in the Northwest of the United States . The first group to adopt the name was in the 2007 Rose City Antifa of Portland, Oregon. Representatives of the movement led to the cancellation, in 2017, of the event of the right-wing journalist Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley and they have participated in the clashes with the white nationalists of Charlottesville.

The movement has no direct relationship with the Democratic Party and not even with the Democratic Socialist by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. It is an anarchist movement, not part of official politics. For Republican and Alt-Right opponents, this is an out of control left, a problem for public safety. That they are part of the demonstrations of these days is undeniable, to what extent it is very difficult to establish.


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