«Babylon Berlin 3»: the mafia in Weimar's time

«Babylon Berlin 3»: la mafia ai tempi di Weimar

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Sky formed by Inspector Gereon Rath and police assistant Charlotte Ritter on April 1st. In Berlin of 1929, where inflation is skyrocketing and the future seems uncertain, an apparently accidental death will uncover a Pandora's box made of mafia struggles and power games

In Berlin of 1929, the same tumultuous Berlin of which Volker Kutscher said in his books, a woman was found dead. Betty Winter, the actress who should have, with her own popularity, accompanied the advent of sound cinema, becoming the protagonist of the first film with audio, is killed by the fall on the set of a spotlight. It seems an accidental fact: a tragedy caused by fate, nothing more and nothing less. But, behind what a first impression would have led to dismiss as an act of destiny, is actually the long and skillful hand of the local mafia.

Inspector Gereon Rath, who in Babylon Berlin 3 , on Sky debut at 21. 15 on Wednesday April 1, has found Liv Lisa Fries's Charlotte Ritter as a companion , soon discovers what else lies behind Betty Winter's death. And investigations to bring the truth to the surface inevitably end up intertwining with the personal story of Inspector Rath , once again played by Volker Bruch.


Tv series: Babylon Berlin, la bell’époque in Weimar times

Gereon Rath, police commissioner who moved from Cologne to Berlin in the crucial years of the Weimar Republic, years in which the economy, politics, the entire sector of German culture are subject to change radical, he is a restless man, who in himself hides contradictions and secrets. Several demons stir in his past, giving Babylon Berlin , whose third season is taken from the detective story Death Makes No Rumor is , a complex rhythm, subject to the accelerations due to gender and the natural pace of human existence.


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