Because «All The Bright Places» is the most glamorous film of the moment

Perché «All The Bright Places» è il film più glamorous del momento

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All thanks to the wardrobe of the protagonist Violet, played by Elle Fanning: true, real, shabby … and incredibly trendy. That's why Netflix is ​​the must-see film by fashionistas

It came out – or, better, it was «released» by Netflix – for a few days, yet All The Bright Places can already hope to be stuck on the label of small cult of the new decade . Based on Jennifer Niven's best-selling novel of the same name 2005, Tell me about a perfect day (this is the Italian title of the film) is one of those love stories post adolescent and universal told with great skill by Hollywood romantic comedies, capable, like few others, of speaking to all generations (and to all hearts).

To make the film special – it is in the very first positions in the streaming ranking of the TV platform from the release date, on 28 February – it is certainly the interpretative performances of the increasingly launched Elle Fanning, as Violet Markey, and the rising star, here in a truly applause test – Justice Smith , in those of the problematic Theodore Finch.

Valentino AI 2014 / 15 and Elle Fanning in a scene from the film.

But, net of history and interpretations, there is another reason that convinced us to love this film immediately. And it is soon said: the very casual, super shabby and très chic wardrobe of the protagonist Ultraviolet (that's what Theo calls it). A wardrobe that hands down makes it right into the ranking of the most stylish heroines of the seventh art . And maybe even in the highest positions.


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The work of the costume designer Mirren Gordon-Crozier it is really effective in putting together a style that is at the same time credible, real and irresistibly trendy . Because what Violet wears can be found in the wardrobes of any American high school student – more or less – but her way of putting the looks together has such a radical chic appeal that not even the most savvy of the sciure would be able to emulate without a certain commitment.


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Starting with the sensational Norwegian wool sweaters hand knitted , one more beautiful than the other, to get to the trench coat with Prince of Wales interior with beautiful view lapels, passing through the glasses from the frame light and adorably unbearable by Violet up to the mise pajamas & dressing gown with blue fur slippers, also it is perfect in its apparent banality.

Elle Fanning (in Gucci) and Justice Smith (in Prada) at the preview of the film. Photo Getty.

A chisel work, for a style that will not be reworked and artificial – however irresistible – like that of the cult characters of the films equally cult of Wes Anderson , but who between one tear and the other will not spare sighs of admiration from the spectators of the film.

Especially when nonchalantly a polka dot shirt will also appear on the screen , which the most glamorous they will recognize it as a vintage Valentino.

To speak only of her, because one cannot really say that his jackets are any less. Rather…

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