«Beijing Express 2020»: Asia Argento abandons

«Pechino Express 2020»: Asia Argento abbandona

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The second stage of the Raidue program conducted by Costantino Della Gherardesca sees the withdrawal of the Roman actress due to a knee injury

That something of the path of Asia Argento to Beijing Express had not gone the right way he had anticipated it first Dagospia , who spoke of an early return of the “daughter of art” to Italy during the months of recording the program in Asia. A perspective that has never been confirmed by the direct interested party before the airing of the second episode of the “cult” show by Raidue, when Asia is actually forced to retire because of a knee accident.

It happens in the middle of the Immunity Test, when the actress stumbles banging the kneecap ruinously on the ground. A trauma that, however, does not prevent her from filleting a junk fruit and arriving first with her partner Vera Gemma.

“I hurt myself and I am not complaining because I am not a cry” Asia repeats several times during the test while Max Giusti dei Gladiatori reiterates that he fell off the ladder and risked big. «I don't need to say it» insists Silver before letting the pain and tension explode only at the end, when he can no longer stand up and invokes the help of the production doctor who runs to his rescue to understand the seriousness of his condition. After all the medical investigations of the case, however, there seems to be nothing to do: Asia is forced to abandon Beijing Express despite being among the first in the ranking . “Aside from physical pain, the greatest pain is to leave, but c'est la vie” says Asia in the closing lines, deeply moved.

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To remain, as had already happened with Paola Barale, is, however, Vera Gemma , who chooses to continue his journey within Raidue's adventure game in the company of Gennaro of the Guaglioni, the second eliminated pair of this eighth edition. The desire not to give up and to test one's limits becomes, in fact, the fire that pushes travelers to face everything and more to understand how far they will go. Between Enzo Miccio who pulls out all the energy he has in his body and Soleil Stasi who does not seem to look even in the face at the complaints of his mother just to make shoes to his companions, t all can be said except that the cast of this Beijing Express do not want to reach the final. Who will live, will see.


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