Ben Affleck: “Divorce with Jennifer Garner? My biggest regret »

Ben Affleck: «Il divorzio con Jennifer Garner? Il mio rimpianto più grande»

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The actor confides in the New York Times and tells of his fight against alcoholism: “I started drinking too much to try to stifle the problems of marriage. But in these cases you only end up making your life worse ». And then you regret it …

Courageous sincerity. Ben Affleck bares himself and confronts with his head held high the most important disappointments of her life, namely the failure of the marriage with her colleague Jennifer Garner and the addiction to alcohol that sent her to rehabilitation clinics more than once. Two distinct situations but – as revealed by the analysis of the American actor on the New York Times – connected by a very fine thread .

«Divorce with Jennifer is my absolute greatest regret »says Ben without too many words. «Shame is really toxic , nothing positive comes from trying it. It's a horrible feeling, because your self-esteem collapses and you feed contempt for yourself. I can say, however, that obsessing about failures it is not good: you have to learn from mistakes, but then get up and move on . “

Indeed Ben managed to turn the page and continue on its way, despite the fallout is always around the corner : « People who, like me, have compulsive behaviors, try to get better by doing a certain thing, that it is to drink, eat or gamble . And the situation gets worse when things in your life are not going as you wish », then the frequency of certain actions increases.

This also happened to Ben, who in practice drowned in alcohol the disappointments for a relationship at the terminus: «Before I drank in a normal way, but from 2015 I increased, when my wedding was falling apart, “says the Oscar winner. «I did it to try to make that discomfort disappear, in reality then he created again more marital problems. Become a vicious circle, the true pain starts there “.

By the way, Ben admitted that he abandoned the cinecomic project « Batman » to avoid the risk of fall back into alcoholism because of the possible negative comments, that he had already received playing the superhero – bat in « Justice League »:« The script was good, but they told me that I would drink to the death if I had faced for the second time what I had already experienced “.

Soon, however, it will arrive on the big screen « Go back to win », where Affleck plays the role of a basketball coach fighting a shattered marriage and addiction to alcohol. Problems that he knows well and is ready to face again, with courageous honesty. Also on set .


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