“Bombshell”, Nicole Kidman, a pioneer in the pre-MeToo era

The film, to which we present the exclusive trailer, traces the scandal that in 2016 overwhelmed Roger Ailes, Fox News magnate reported for sexual harassment. As abused journalists, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie alongside the Australian Oscar winner

It was before the #MeToo took off , before Harvey Weinstein was stripped of all good and Hollywood forced to face that which has kept silent for years. Roger Ailes, Fox News tycoon, was denounced by a journalist, whose courageous anger was able to uncover a Pandora's box: abuse, blackmail, sexual assault. Ailes, in 20156 was accused of harassment and his own empire saw crumbling. He fell from grace, an ogre before the orcs, and his parable, of the strength that Gretchen Carlson discovered in himself, Jay Roach wanted to tell.


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The director, on the story of Ailes, has made a film, both ironic and powerful. Bombshell , at the cinema since 26 March , retraces the days of the accusations, investigates the reasons that led Carlson, a journalist played by Nicole Kidman , to break their silence. Remember and testify, Bombshell , whose narrative, never rhetorical or caricatural, is able to reveal which and how perverse mechanisms regulate the system of American power.

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Over the years, Ailes has subjected his journalists to blackmailing methods: to violence, psychological and physical. His secretary has kept quiet. They kept the men silent, the Fox. He has kept America quiet, looking away. It was only Gretchen Carlson, then followed by Megyn Kelly ( Charlize Theron ) and Kayla Pospisil ( Margot Robbie ), to raise her voice, to claim her right over herself, so that a woman would not be forced to satiate male appetites to be granted some value. And it is already in the trailer that, exclusively, we present that you can feel a first sign of the revolution that would have swept the tycoon, played in the film by John Lightgow .


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