Bradley Cooper, single dad: all the love for Lea

Bradley Cooper, papà single: tutto l’amore per Lea

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The actor was paparazzi on the streets of New York with his daughter: embraced, inseparable, a few hours after Valentine's Day. To date, she is the only “woman” in her life

Crazy Love. Despite Valentine's Day has been in the archive for a few days, Bradley Cooper continues to enjoy his afternoons of freedom together with the soul mate, the daughter Lea De Seine. The actor, who is probably going through a short break from professional commitments, he was in fact paparazzi through the streets of New York with the eldest daughter, had in March 2017 by the ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk.

Alongside the star of Hollywood , therefore, there is no longer the famous Russian supermodel – even if there were rumors of a alleged rapprochement – and not even Lady Gaga , which the gossip painted as possible flame by Cooper after the success of the film «A Star Is Born» and who instead has recently found a new companion . Close to Bradley, single dad , therefore remains baby Lea, to date the only “woman” of her life.

Bradley Cooper fits in a morning workout as he carries daughter Lea around New York's city streets

– Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) February 18, 2020

«Fatherhood has changed me under each point of view, it allowed me to embrace my childish side without any kind of fear of judgment, “said Cooper last year, guest of the ” The Ellen DeGeneres Show “. «I can play with toys all day , or watch the cartoons endlessly without thinking that I'm wasting my life . Innocence is beautiful to observe “.

Just that innocence emerges strongly from the last photos depicting father and daughter embraced: he with a dark jacket and trousers coordinated, she wrapped in a white duvet and with a wool hat with colored pompon . According to the reconstructions, the two would have spent the whole Sunday together , first in a restaurant of the West Village for a brunch and then walking around the famous neighborhood .

Bradley pushes the stroller and smiles : weeks ago it was rumored that he was thinking of moving to the Big Apple just to be near his daughter . If he really did it is not known, for sure the court has approved the Cooper-Shayk couple's request for to split at 50% the custody of the child, with also a certain elasticity on the days due to the many work commitments.

Besides, the actor and the model remained in excellent relationships and – for now – neither seems to be in a hurry to build a new family . Not even Bradley, who actually a little big love already has it.


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