Brexit, new rules to enter: doors open only to those who already have a qualified job and know English

Brexit, nuove regole per entrare: porte aperte solo chi ha già un lavoro qualificato e sa l’inglese

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Close on the entrances for workers after Brexit. The new rules come from London in particular for those without a specialization

The Brexit , although we are still in the transition period, begins to show itself for what it will be. It does this starting from the world of work. Boris Johnson's government has presented the new rules for immigration to the United Kingdom and it is clear that it will not be as easy to enter as it has been until now finding a job only after arriving at London and surroundings. This is what non-skilled workers did above all and it will no longer be possible. The entry into force of the new rules is scheduled for January 1st of 2021. From that date, those who want to work in the UK will only be able to do so if they have already received a job offer and if they speak English . These provisions apply to citizens of the European Union and non-EU citizens, without distinction.

So farewell to the dream of learning English, perhaps working as a waiter or doing odd jobs after arriving in the homeland of the queen. Obviously the unskilled workers are obviously affected. Those who have a specialization and a course of study started have another way. It's called « global talent scheme »and it is a points system which stabilizes who has the right to a residence permit for business reasons. At least 70 points will be needed to enter the United Kingdom of which the first fifty will come from three necessary and mandatory requirements: knowledge of the language, presence of a job offer, demonstrable and appropriate job skills with respect to the sector.

The other points are obtained in a different way. For those with a doctorate linked to their working environment there are points (10), but also for those who present themselves for a sector where there is a shortage of staff (20). There are more points for those who have a high salary and are therefore a required worker with high specialization . No points for those who have an annual income of less than 23. 039 pounds, 20 only if you exceed the 25. 600 pounds per year. Excluding professions in which there is a high demand such as nursing.

Preferred route instead for researchers and highly specialized personnel. The goal is to attract the best minds in the world, but not the rest of immigration . No plumbers from Eastern countries or catering and tourist reception workers from Italy and Spain, therefore, just to mention the Europeans. Early critics of the plan have already pointed out that the UK may not be able to sustain its economy without manpower from other countries. They also know this in Downing Street as they have proposed exceptions for nurses and the system of permits for temporary workers in agriculture has already been enlarged.

The students will be able to continue going to England , but they will have to demonstrate that they can speak English, have a place in a school and have financial travel cover. The study holiday at least seems to be safe . To clarify if the identity card will be enough to enter the United Kingdom, it seems instead no visas will be needed for those who stay less than six months in the UK.


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