Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in quarantine: between dress exchanges and new projects

Chiara Ferragni e Fedez in quarantena: tra scambi d'abito e nuovi progetti

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Applauded for the splendid fundraising, the two are spending their home isolation amid jokes and tenderness. Because after almost four years of love, that “we have fun like crazy” is always valid (and he has returned to making music)

«The beauty of our couple? We have fun , he makes me laughing like a madwoman ». October 2016, Chiara Ferragni he confided to us for the first time the details of what was a newborn love at the time. Today, more than three and a half years later, his relationship with Fedez still runs on that track there: there was the wedding, the birth of the son Leone, but among the Ferragnez the password has remained «to laugh“.

Also in quarantine : «My wife plays tricks on me while I sleep and then wake up asking me to edit the video », the rapper burst out in his stories. The fashion blogger laughs after making him take it a headboard on a footrest, carefully positioned above the forehead of the dozing husband. «Here's how Chiara trains at the gym», is the lookout of him, who shows the sweet half in a moment of pause.

The two, after the praise for the fundraising promoted to build a new intensive care unit at San Raffaele, are spending their home isolation in Milan , between tenderness and – in fact – funny videos: « The Ferragnez switch it up challenge », Chiara writes posting a funny clip in which the couple exchange clothes . «I am your digital entrepreneur», he replies in skirt and top.

Fedez has also just launched a new project together with an emerging young artist : «I crossed it in the studio , he was working on a new song. So I asked her if I could write us a verse “, she says. «I went back to making music like when I had 18 years , without thinking about the strategic consequences. Such a sad moment, I hope it will help everyone to understand what is really important “.

«Ready to embrace him , when all this will be over”.


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