Clint Eastwood, the 90 year old cowboy heartbreaker

«When I was a child, and I often spent time with my grandfather who had 90 years , I thought: « Jesus, who would want to live so long? “. Now that he 90 he turns them, Clint Eastwood age does not give weight : «I simply don't think about it», explained the actor and director, five times prize Oscar, to Ellen DeGeneres. Also because he still has a lot of things to do: « The word pension is not part of my vocabulary, I love to work and I don't see why I should stop ». And in fact since it first appeared, in 1964, on the dusty scene of For a fistful of dollars , “the cowboy” never stopped.

It is 31 May 1930 when in San Francisco Clinton Eastwood senior, worker in the steel and pieceworker in the middle of West after the great depression, brings Clint Eastwood into the world, today a monument of cinema with his 90 years. The boy grows wandering ( will change 10 schools in 10 years ) and stays in California when his parents move to Texas. “I spoke little,” he said, “ I lived in a world of my own and the only thing I was passionate about was music “. In truth also the snakes (as a boy he had thirteen at home) and the acting with which he conquered the girls.

His sentimental curriculum is as rich as the film one. Also of famous loves including the queen of French cinema Catherine Deneuve . And then Jill Banner , Jamie Rose , Inger Stevens , Jo Ann Harris and Jean Seberg . The first woman who managed to bring it to the altar was however Maggie Johnson , the 19 December 1953 . The two met only six months earlier during a blind date. Clint, who had not yet made his film debut, had 23 years. And soon he betrayed Maggie with the dancer Roxanne Tunis, with whom she had her first daughter, Kimber Tunis, born in 1964 (but recognized by his father over twenty years later). Returning with his wife, he had two other children: Kyle, born in 1968, and Alison, in 1972 . The actor was not present at either side. And after years of quarrels Maggie in 1979 again filed for divorce, which was made official in 1984.

But in the life of the actor, already from 1975, there was another great love : the actress Sondra Locke, with whom she lived for almost fifteen years , without ever marrying her and cheating on her with the flight attendant Jacelyn Reev from whom she had two more children : Scott (born in 1986) and Kathry (1988)). On 10 April of 1989, while Sondra was busy on the set, Clint changed the lock of their home in Bel-Air. And one of the most stormy breaks in the history of cinema began.

The actress, in addition to tracing a merciless portrait of the star in a biography, dragged him to court to be recognized the alimony even if there had never been a wedding. And after a long process he went home with an astronomical figure: 79 million dollars. This was the compensation established by the judges for the treason with Jacelyn. Which was introduced to the world by Clint, together with the two children conceived with her, only in 2002.

But in the meantime the actress had entered her life Frances Fisher , who on August 7 of 1993 made him father for the sixth time. Di Francesca. At the beginning of 1995 Clint and Frances separated without drama and remained good friends. Not even the time to say goodbye to Fisher and the star was back to the altar. With the journalist Dina Ruiz , thirty-five years younger than him, who gave him the seventh daughter: Morgan , 24 years. Clint and Dina, who had met in 1993 during an interview, got married in March 1996 in Las Vegas. After the wedding, the actor declared: “ Here is the woman I want to become monogamous “. In 2013, after 17 years of marriage, divorce arrived.

A year later Clint was already ready for a new love: Christina Sandera , thirty-three years younger than him, his former employee. That to listen to the gossip could become his wife number three. On the other hand, at 90 years, the monument of cinema has no intention of retiring. Probably not even in matters of the heart.


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