Coronavirus, Alberto Angela speaks: «We are not alone, our culture fights with us»

“Our heritage is the result of some values ​​of past generations, such as the genius, creativity, professionalism and also the love for life that our country serves in these years. A bit as if the past made it possible to understand how to face the present to direct the future “. Alberto Angela, Wednesday evening, wanted to introduce a replica of Tonight in Venice with a blurred video message, recorded in the silence of your own studio. “I never thought – he said – that one day I could see a new unique face of our country taking shape before my eyes.

This is not a monument, but a collective action , the action of Italy. Everything happens thanks to you: you who are in hospitals, in the intensive care units. I'm talking about the doctors and those who take care of cleaning these places, who organizes the administration », began Angela, whose simple words brought order and harmony within a now out of tune choir, where everyone is called to say his own, everything and the opposite of everything.

“It is never said enough: you who do not leave the house are saving lives, even if you don't know it.” @ Albertoangela # StanotteaVenezia is on @RaiPlay ➡ https: // t .co / VbIaTYmG3u # IoRestoACasa

– Rai Press Office (@Raiofficialnews) March 26, 2020

The face of Rai's scientific disclosure, in a few minutes, thanked the medical-health staff, the Higher Institute of Health, the Civil Protection and the Law Enforcement. Then, the Italians, «You who are at home like me. Yes, because not enough is said, but you too are saving lives. By not leaving the house, you prevent the virus from spreading and therefore save many lives, “he said again, embracing the families exhausted by mourning and by the” unbridgeable void “that the many, too many deaths have brought with them.


Coronavirus Special

Thanksgiving time, Angela, kept it for the debut. Then, with clarity, he explained why Italy is playing today a decisive role in the match against Coronavirus . «Our country has certainly made strong decisions in recent weeks. At first, abroad, they looked at us with curiosity, with attention, then with suspicion. We Italians looked a bit like greasers. Then things went differently and Italy is now seen as a model to follow. China and Korea have done it too, but we, in the western world and in Europe, are now an example, “he explained.

Alberto Angela has given one of the most motivating, encouraging, reassuring and unifying messages to the nation among those who have bounced back in recent days between TV, social networks and balconies. Have you seen #StanotteAVenezia? #IoRestoInItalia

– Tenuta la Baronessa (@TenutaBaronessa) March 26, 2020

“I asked myself how this small country, Italy, managed to be a beacon. There are many explanations, but I believe there is also something that derives from our history, from our heritage , because all our heritage is the result of past generations, which have left us monuments and also values. Those values ​​have gradually accumulated in our heads: they are called culture. And I believe that all this has emerged in this moment of emergency, these ancient roots are here with us. It is as if all the past generations were with us to fight, suggesting the way we should behave, and we have three thousand years of civilization behind us. Perhaps this is what makes the difference compared to many other countries. I don't know, I only know that we still have to grit our teeth for a little longer, “concluded the Rai presenter, inviting his audience to take advantage of today's lesson.

Thanks for your very important words before the wonderful episode.

– Claudio Musumeci (@MusumeciClaudio) March 25, 2020

Do not forget when everything is over who is at the forefront at the moment, who has had the spirit of sacrifice, who is no longer there. And when you leave to travel, reward Italy: help those who live on tourism, restaurants. In this way, you will reward our heritage and all past generations who are ideally fighting with us, “he said again, while his words, on Twitter, were received by an enthusiasm such that someone, prey to an almost delusional joy, asked Angela to replace Conte as Prime Minister.


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