Coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth will speak to the nation (for the fourth time)

Coronavirus, la regina Elisabetta parlerà alla nazione (per la quarta volta)

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The sovereign's message will be broadcast on Sunday evening, April 5, on TV and on social media: in 68 years of reign, the sovereign had done a similar thing only in three other circumstances (at the death of her mother, Lady Diana and during the Gulf War)

The coronavirus shakes the Great Britain . With over 3500 dead and more than 38 thousands infected, the Queen Elizabeth has decided that the time has come for speak to the nation . So, while in London the first one is under construction military hospital for covid-positive patients, Sunday April 5 – at 20 local – numerous TV channels and official social channels will broadcast on message of the sovereign.

Which «was recorded in Windsor » , where the period of home isolation together with husband Filippo , 98 years, and some close collaborators . Among other things, a few days ago, the news spread that even a royal butler tested positive for coronavirus , causing panic in the kingdom. “Has the sovereign infected?” Is the question asked by several subjects .

Already alarmed, the previous week, for the health of Charles , the heir to the throne: «He contracted the covid, but had only mild symptoms », clarified from Clarence House . “He is now in good health and can gradually start working again from home “. The same thing that the prime minister is doing Boris Johnson , who is also infected but – tell the British newspapers – on the way of healing.

In short, the situation is serious and the sovereign (who “is fine”) has decided to take the field . In 68 years of reign, it is the fourth time that sends a special message – off schedule – to your country and to all states of the Commonwealth . Previously it had happened in 2002, when the queen died mother , in 1997, on the eve of the funeral of Lady Diana , and in 1991, during the first Gulf War .

Events that make us understand how delicate the emergency is that the world is facing today.


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