Coronavirus, Sean Penn will open a test center in the poorest area of ​​Los Angeles

After Rihanna , Angelina Jolie and many other stars also Sean Penn is took the field to give a concrete hand in the fight against coronavirus . The divo through its foundation (Community Organized Relief Effort), and in collaboration with the municipality of Los Angeles, will open a test center . The structure will rise in the east of the Californian city. A humble area inhabited mainly by Latin Americans . Because the project aims to promote tests precisely among the «most vulnerable people» . Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell, posting a photo of himself on Twitter with the actor, publicly thanked him for his contribution.

Thank you @SeanPenn and volunteers from CORE who are partnering with us and running a COVID pop-up testing location in East LA. #HeroesOfCovid 19 #LAStrong #COVID 19 p8UU

– 𝐉eff 𝐆orell (@JeffGorell) March 31, 2020

On the other hand, the 59-year-old Oscar winner, in addition to his rehearsals on the set, has long been known for his commitment to the humanitarian field. Last year, for example, again through its foundation, intervened in aid of the Bahamas devastated by hurricane Dorian . While in 2018 he flew to Istanbul to make a documentary on the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi . And in 2012 he received the Peace Summit Award in Chicago for his commitment in Haiti after the tragic earthquake of January 2010 . At the time the star often went to Haiti , with the second son Hopper had by his ex-wife Robin Wright (today she is engaged to the twenty-seven year old Leila George) to work side by side with the locals and also help them from a psychological point of view. But when asked what pushed him « to devote himself with such commitment to the humanitarian cause» he replied humbly : « I don't like the word “humanitarian” very much , when I work in Haiti I do it simply because I feel like doing it , that's all. “


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