Coronavirus: the Interior Ministry says yes to the walk with the children

Coronavirus: il Viminale dice sì alla passeggiata con i figli Coronavirus: il Viminale dice sì alla passeggiata con i figli

The head of Cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior, however, clarifies that bringing your children out will be allowed under four conditions

Won the battle of the marker which reopened the stationery departments inside supermarkets to buy notebooks and pens for the children forced home, now comes a second good news . In a new circular sent to the prefects on displacements and gatherings, the Interior Ministry added and clarified a point: “the children will be able to take a walk with one of the parents near their home”, specifying that “will be allowed because it is a physical activity and not an outdoor sport”.

The head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior makes it clear, however, that walking with your children will be allowed with four conditions:

– that the children are minors

– that there is only one parent

– that one must remain “near one's home”

– that the general prohibition of assembly is respected and as always «the minimum safety distance of one meter from every other person “

It is forbidden to go to parks, villas, play areas and public gardens , because sports activities are not allowed ( like jogging, which is not considered as a simple physical activity), recreational or recreational.

The Ministry of the Interior also gives the green light to some movements involving the elderly and disabled. example that, if in a structure where people live together as in a family home, there is an outdoor space, guests are allowed to take you there it being understood, however, that people who access it from the outside (from family members to operators to suppliers) will have to respect interpersonal distances and use masks and gloves.

Yes, also to walks always near your home of the elderly and disabled accompanied by people who take care of them. 'assistance. In this case, “this type of exit – reads the circular signed by the head of the cabinet – is attributable to reasons of necessity or health”

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