Coronavirus: the rule of 6 seconds and 1 meter and 80 away

Coronavirus: la regola dei 6 secondi e del 1 metro e 80 di distanza Coronavirus: la regola dei 6 secondi e del 1 metro e 80 di distanza

Two American experts in the fight against coronavirus have conducted an analysis on the “amount of virus” to which they are exposed. “As with every poison,” they explain, “viruses become more dangerous the greater the amount to which they are exposed”

In English it sounds like this: within six feet, only six seconds . In Italian it can be translated into: one meter and 80 away and only six seconds . It is the basic rule to follow to protect yourself from the coronavirus. They explain it on the New York Times , Joshua D. Rabinowitz and Caroline R. Bartman , a professor and a researcher in chemistry and genomics.

The measures depend on an analysis made on the amount of virus to which you are exposed. «As happens with every poison», they explain in the article, «the viruses become more dangerous the greater the quantity to which they are exposed . Short exposures lead to minor reactions, therefore to mild or asymptomatic cases, exposures of greater and prolonged quantities can be lethal “.

The example they make is simple and clear: difficult to catch the virus if you enter a building where there has been a positive, much easier to contract it if you spend an hour on the train next to an infected person . This explains the high percentage of victims among health workers.

It also explains why governments have chosen the path of isolation to combat coronavirus: staying away avoids contact with the virus. The same applies to the use of masks and gloves and attention to hand hygiene . The lower the possibility of exposure to the virus thanks to these good practices, the lower the possibility of taking it seriously. But he also unfortunately explains the contagions in the family, when one of the members comes into contact with the virus and brings it to the protected environment of the house.

When isolation is relaxed, the practices of social distancing must remain at least until they will have effective treatments and above all a vaccine. The most dangerous places are closed and crowded places where one stays for a long time. Here then comes the rule: within a meter and eighty, only six seconds. You must keep your distance from the others between one meter and fifty and two meters and, when you have to get close, for example to pay at the supermarket, you have to do it for the shortest possible time .


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