Coronavirus, Wuhan cherry blossoms are the photos you need

Coronavirus, i ciliegi in fiore di Wuhan sono le foto di cui si ha bisogno

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Spring is announced in Wuhan with the cherry trees in bloom. They are one of the signs of rebirth of the city, the first outbreak of the coronavirus

The flowering of cherry trees is the symbol of spring rebirth after winter. Cherry tree avenues are famous in Japan, but there are equally spectacular ones in China. Even in Wuhan these are the days of cherry blossom.

The city is slowly returning to normal after the weeks of isolation who have stopped 11 millions of people. The first train from outside arrived and the metro service started again. To move and enter the city you still need certifications and there are temperature controls.

A QR code must be presented on the phone, which certifies good health.

People can now enter but not yet leave the city. The isolation will end on April 8, but nature has anticipated the times with the flowering . In recent days, the highways leading to Wuhan have reopened.

The images in the gallery above show the cherry trees in the city, in particular in the area of ​​the University where they are present over 1000 cherry trees. They are images that contrast with those of the cinerary urns that come from Wuhan. The number of cremations, urns and relatives is greater than the 2535 victims of coronavirus officially designated by China for the city according to the Chinese newspaper Caixin who speculates beyond 42 thousand victims. It is an estimate based on a date, that of the day of the dead which is celebrated on April 4, but which has been abolished for this year.

The death toll is generally considered higher than indicated because it does not count how many died at home or on the street and who were not swabbed. To these would be added those who died in 2019 before it was officially recognized on Covid – 19 . All numbers that it is practically impossible to see counted.


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