Costume test: 5 treatments to remedy the damage done in quarantine

Prova costume: 5 trattamenti per rimediare ai danni fatti in quarantena

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From cryolipolysis to radiofrequency, here are some ideas to get in shape quickly in view of the holidays

The quarantine has influenced our psychophysical well-being : stress, worries, being confined within the four home walls they pushed us to find comfort: those in the kitchen, rediscovering culinary skills buried for some time, those in the soft arms of the sofa, a comforter friend always ready to welcome us when we are down.

Idleness, therefore, was not only the father of all our vices, but also our guiding spirit in the months of lockdown. But now we see the consequences all there, where we never wanted to see them: accumulated on hips, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

The problem is that summer has relentlessly arrived and although many of us have already run for cover, resorting to the diet and a training program intensive and at times sadistic, the bad news is that probably, we may not be in time to overcome the famous costume test .

Don't panic: we asked the experts of Uala , the leading website and application in Southern Europe dedicated to the world of beauty and wellness, to select the most effective treatments to run for cover and recover some snacks, just in time for the bikini.

They have shown us 5: you can find them in our gallery, all to try, and not only concern the physical form, but also the stressed scalp and a more “relaxed” face. To get to your well-deserved holidays in great shape, from head to toe, just as if the lockdown had never happened.


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