«Cursed Stories»: this is what the two new episodes will talk about

«Storie Maledette»: ecco di cosa parleranno le due nuove puntate

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The new season of the cult program conducted by Franca Leosini returns on the 7th and 14 June prime time on Raitre. Here are the cases that will be addressed

The two new episodes of Cursed Stories which will be transmitted on June 7th and 14 June first evening on Raitre were not filmed during the lockdown, but some time before. “The coronavirus no longer allows you to enter prisons, relatives of prisoners cannot do it, let alone us” reveals Franca Leosini in an interview with Open , anticipating the cases he will deal with in the next two appointments of the program: that of Francesco Rocca, accused of the murder of his wife Dina Dore, and that of Sonia Bracciale , sentenced for being the instigator of the murder of her husband Dino Reatti.

«They are human tragedies, but it is enough to speak of femicide. I shudder to hear this word, it's really bad from a lexical point of view. It's a murder, period. And then, does mascicide exist? Whoever is killed is a victim regardless of sex »points out Leosini before going into the topics that will be the subject of his television investigation.

Franca Leosini, with her cursed stories, returns to tell the ferocious courage to kill and the cowardly retreat of someone who gives death by intermediary . #StorieMaledette – That scotch that seals a mystery, Sunday 7 June at 21 . 20 on # Rai3.

– Cursed Stories (@StorieMaledette) May 25, 2020

The first episode of the new edition of Stories Cursed, what we will see on Sunday 7 June, is entitled “That scotch that seals a mystery” : «The title of the episode is not accidental. Scotch tape, in fact, is a fundamental element in this bad story. Francesco Rocca, the victim's husband, still rejects all the charges and, in fact, he is not sentenced for killing his wife but for being the instigator. In short, the conscience is stained but the hands are not dirty »points out Franca Leosini: in March 2008 Dina Dore is, in fact, suffocated with what looks like a packing tape in front of her 7-month-old daughter. Rocca, sentenced to life in prison, reveals during the interview: “I don't know what happened, I didn't know it then and I don't know now” he says insisting on his innocence.

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The second case, which Raitre will transmit on Sunday 14 June, instead, focuses on Sonia Bracciale, condemned for the murder of her husband Dino Reatti, taken in bars in the courtyard of your cottage in Anzola Emilia on the night between 7 and 8 June 2012 died shortly afterwards in the hospital. Bracelet is accused, in fact, of being the instigator of Thomas Sanna and Giuseppe Trombetta, who stained themselves with the crime itself. On appeal, the woman was increased the penalty by creating almost a precedent in the history of the Italian court: the Leosini interview will focus on this, while the journalist reveals that the other two episodes of Cursed Stories scheduled for this season will be filmed as soon as the coronavirus emergency makes it possible. In the meantime, Leosini talks about a new top secret television project, already “filed and approved”, also for the State TV, for which he will continue to collaborate in the future: «If you leave a love it is because you stopped loving it, instead I” am Rai 3 “.


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