David di Donatello 2020: from “The traitor” to “The first king”, here are all the nominations

Tommaso Buscetta strikes again: after the Nastri d'Argento, the Flaiano Prize for best screenplay and the Globi d'Oro, Il traitor by Marco Bellocchio leads the nominations of the 65th edition of the David di Donatello with well 18 nominations , including the one for the best film, the best direction and the best leading actor. To follow him, however, are, on an equal footing, The first king by Matteo Rovere and Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone, firm to 15. Further back we find Martin Eden by Pietro Marcello with 11, 5 is the perfect number by Igor Tuveri with 9 and Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino with 6. The ceremony that will decide the winner will go to air, like last year, in prime time on Raiuno with the conduct of Carlo Conti: the appointment is for Friday, April 3.

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– Rai Press Office (@Raiofficialnews) February 18, 2020

And if Parasite, already an Oscar winner, has already won the prize for best foreign film, the attention is entirely on Italian candidates: understand if Pierfrancesco Favino will take home the third David of his career – the last one won it in 2012 as best supporting actor for Novel of a massacre – and if Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, in case of victory, will make such an exciting and over the top speech like that of 2017, when he collected the prize for La pazza gioia , are probably the most persistent doubts that envelop this new edition chaired by Piera Detassis who, in a press conference, specifies: «It is the edition 65, an extraordinary year. We celebrated the centenary of Fellini, then Deaf and then Franca Valeri turns one hundred. ” Of note, among the ranks of the nominees, also Marco D'Amore , candidate for best new director for L'immortale , and Diodato , the winner of the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival that competes with the best song, What a wonderful life, for The goddess luck by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Here are all the David di Donatello nominations 2020:

Best film

The first king by Matteo Rovere

The traitor by Marco Bellocchio

Paranza dei bambini by Claudio Giovannesi

Martin Eden by Pietro Marcello

Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone

Best director

Matteo Rovere, The first king

Marco Bellocchio, The traitor

Claudio Giovannesi, The paranza of children

Pietro Marcello, Martin Eden

Matteo Garrone, Pinocchio

Best lead actor

Toni Servilllo, 5 is the perfect number

Alessandro Borghi, The first king

Francesco Di Leva, The Mayor of the Rione Sanità

Pierfrancesco Favino, The traitor

Luca Marinelli, Martin Eden

Best leading actress

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, The holiday makers

Jasmine Trinca, The goddess luck

Isabella Ragonese, My brother chases the dinosaurs

Linda Caridi, Do you remember?

Lunetta Savino, Rosa

Valeria Golino, All my crazy love

Best Supporting Actress

Valeria Golino, 5 is the perfect number

Anna Ferzetti, Tomorrow is another day

Tania Garribba, The first king

Maria Amato, The traitor

Alida Baldari Calabria, Pinocchio

Best Supporting Actor

Carlo Buccirosso, 5 is the perfect number

Stefano Accorsi, The champion

Fabrizio Ferracane, The traitor

Luigi Lo Cascio, The traitor

Roberto Benigni, Pinocchio

Best original screenplay

Phaim Bhuiyan – Vanessa Picciarelli, Bangla

Filippo Gravino – Francesca Manieri – Matteo Rovere, The first king

Marco Bellocchio – Ludovica Rampoldi – Valia Santella – Francesco Piccolo, The traitor

Gianni Romoli – Silvia Ranfagni – Ferzan Ozpetek, The goddess luck

Valerio Mieli, Do you remember?

Best non-original screenplay

Mario Martone – Ippolita Di Majo, The mayor of the Sanità district

Thomas Bidegain – Jean-luc Fromental – Lorenzo Mattotti, The famous bear invasion in Sicily

Maurizio Braucci – Claudio Giovannesi – Roberto Saviano, The paranza of children

Maurizio Braucci – Pietro Marcello, Martin Eden

Matteo Garrone – Massimo Ceccherini, Pinocchio

Best producer

Domenico Procacci – Anna Maria Morelli (Tim Vision), Bangla

Grøenlandia – Rai Cinema – Gapbusters – Roman Citizen – With Rai Cinema, The first king

Ibc Movie – Kavac Film – With Rai Cinema, Il traitor

Pietro Marcello – Beppe Caschetto – Thomas Ordonneau – Michael Weber – Viola Fügen – Rai Cinema, Martin Eden

Archimede – Le Pacte – Rai Cinema, Pinocchio

Best original song

Bangla (“Festa”)

The Mayor of the Rione Sanità (“Rione Sanita”)

The guest (“A Distraction Error”)

The Goddess Fortuna (“What a Wonderful Life”)

Suspiria (“Suspirium”)

Best musician

The orchestra of Piazza Vittorio – The Magic Flute of Piazza Vittorio

Andrea Farri, The first king

Nicola Piovani, The traitor

Dario Marianelli, Pinocchio

Thom Yorke, Suspiria

Best new director

Igort, 5 is the perfect number

Phaim Bhuiyan, Bangla

Leonardo D’Agostini, The champion

Marco D’amore, The immortal

Carlo Sironi, Sole

Best author of the photograph

The first king

The traitor

Martin Eden



Best scenography

Nello Giorgetti, 5 is the perfect number

Tonino Zera, The first king

Andrea Castorina, The traitor

Dimitri Capuani, Pinocchio

Inbal Weinberg, Suspiria

Best costume designer

Nicoletta Taranta, 5 is the perfect number

Valentina Taviani, The first king

Daria Calvelli, The traitor

Andrea Cavalletto, Martin Eden

Massimo Cantini Parrini, Pinocchio

Best make up artist

Andreina Becagli, 5 is the perfect number

Roberto Pastore – Andrea Leanza – Valentina Visintin – Lorenzo Tamburini, The first king

Dalia Colli – Lorenzo Tamburini, The traitor

Dalia Colli – Mark Coulier (Prosthetic Trick), Pinocchio

Fernanda Perez, Suspiria

Best hairdresser

Marzia Colombra, The first king

Alberta Giuliani, The traitor

Daniela Tartari, Martin Eden

Francesco Pegoretti, Pinocchio

Manolo Garcia, Suspiria

Best editor

Gianni Vezzosi, The first king

Jacopo Quadri, The Mayor of the Rione Sanità

Francesca Calvelli, The traitor

Aline Hervè – Fabrizio Federico, Martin Eden

Marco Spoletini, Pinocchio

Best sound

5 is the perfect number

The first king

The traitor

Martin Eden


Best special visual effects

Giuseppe Squillaci, 5 is the perfect number

Francesco Grisi – Gaia Bussolati, The first king

Rodolfo Migliari, The traitor

Theo Demeris – Rodolfo Migliari, Pinocchio

Luca Saviotti, Suspiria

Best feature documentary

Citizen Rosi by Didi Gnocchi – Carolina Rosi

Fellini fine mai by Eugenio Cappuccio

The mafia is no longer what it once was by Franco Maresco

If there is an afterlife, I'm screwed. Life and cinema of Claudio Caligari by Simone Isola – Fausto Trombetta

Selfie by Agostino Ferrente

David Young

The traitor

The man in the labyrinth

The goddess luck

Martin Eden

My brother chases the dinosaurs


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