Death sentence on Zoom: sentence in video call

Condanna a morte su Zoom: sentenza in videochiamata Condanna a morte su Zoom: sentenza in videochiamata

l 37 enne Punithan Genasan, guilty of having participated in a traffic of heroin in the Asian city state, received the sentence from a computer screen

A man can be sentenced , not only, to the death penalty, but via Zoom? In times of coronavirus it is possible and has happened. To maintain social distancing, a prisoner was tried and sentenced to capital punishment by a remotely connected court for the blockade live trials for contagion risk.

The Singapore authorities have chosen the videoconference to communicate to Punithan Genasan, a Malaysian from 37 years, the harsh sentence. The man had played a central role in a heroin trafficking discovered in 2011.

He had denied any involvement, but the Court rejected his defense. And so, the man learned from a distance that he will be hanged.


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«Singapore's adoption of the death penalty is inherently cruel and inhuman and the use of remote technologies such as Zoom to sentence a man to death is still more »said Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch .

But a spokesman for the Singapore Supreme Court explained that the Genasan case was conducted online “for the safety of all parties involved in the proceeding 'due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


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Robertson is not the only human rights activist to have launched himself against such a dehumanizing practice , the spokeswoman for Amnesty International Chiara Sangiorgio also stressed how «a death sentence is always cruel and inhuman, both via Zoom and in person».


“My life sentence was my children's life sentence”


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For Genasan's lawyer, however, there is nothing to complain about in the proceedings: the video call , he claims, had only been used to communicate the judge's verdict. Now he is thinking of appealing.

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