Demi Lovato, quarantine and love: Max Ehrich is the new boyfriend

Demi Lovato, quarantena e amore: Max Ehrich è il nuovo fidanzato

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According to the American gossip, the singer would have spent home isolation with the actor: the photos on social networks testify to a great understanding (and also a family desire)

Quarantine convict. Demi Lovato started home isolation from single and concluded it girlfriend : or rather, the American singer, a few weeks before general lockdown , had started dating Max Ehrich, actor and soap opera dancer. He therefore decided to spend the two home months with him: a sort of proof of love, evaluating the premises for a more serious relationship.

Judging from photos on social media, l exam can be said passed: « They get along very well and have several things in common », a source revealed to E! News. «For example, Max really likes music and is a health-conscious, also does not like to go to parties . During the quarantine, Demi introduced him via Facetime to many of his friends who didn't they knew. Perhaps it is still early, but history promises well “.

To witness it there are some videos posted by both on Instagram. « You are magical », she writes publishing the selfie of a tender kiss . Then an image together with their two dogs and the emoticon « family time »: that a family desire ? “I feel it in me, but I still don't know if I will do it with a man or a woman”, said the pop star last January.

«There are parts of me that I am still discovering », He added, addressing the theme of« sexual fluidity ». «I didn't say anything to my parents until three years ago, it was a really exciting moment . I knew that my dad wouldn't see us nothing strange, I was more worried about the reaction of mom, who instead told me that just wants to see me happy: it's nice to have two parents who support you “.

Who knows if Demi has already presented to them her new boyfriend .


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