Diletta Leotta and the birthday of her boyfriend Daniele «Toretto» (in quarantine)

Diletta Leotta e il compleanno del fidanzato Daniele «Toretto» (in quarantena)

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In times of coronavirus, the journalist celebrates at home her sweet half, the boxer Daniele Scardina – aka King Toretto – who turns off 28 candles: the love between the two seems to be booming

Quarantined birthday . To the long list of home celebrations are added the journalist Diletta Leotta and the boxer Daniele Scardina, known in the ring by the name of King Toretto . To complete the years it was the athlete, who turned off the 28 candles together with his girlfriend, with whom he is spending home isolation in Milan: «Happy Birthday», she wrote on Instagram .

Together with the best wishes, the sports presenter has also posted a tender photo of a couple, between blue balloons and a fruit tart . In the background, in addition to the skyline of the Milanese metropolis, check the terrace where usually she and the other half carry out their physical training . Often shared on their social pages, where more and more fans are becoming attached to the new couple.

Just on social networks, at the beginning of the year, they had « made official »their report by publishing a sweet image together . In reality, the beginning of the love story dates back to several months before : second the reconstructions, in fact, the two would have known each other in March 2019 , when Daniele landed in Milan to play an important boxing match – then won – which was presented by Diletta .

In the following days it is rumored that the contacts continued via message, and the spark : so, in the summer, they were paparazzi in affectionate attitudes on a boat off the coast of Ibiza . «We started this story slowly, without emphasizing it, but now it is becoming important for both “, said the boxer in December. “It filled the sense of emptiness that I had inside”.

In short, the love between the two seems to go in full sails . Quarantine's “Toretto” birthday is its yet another demonstration .


Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina, the first social photo means love


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