Does Harry want to be an American? He needs Meghan as a “sponsor” (for the green card)

Harry vuole fare l'americano? Ha bisogno di Meghan come «sponsor» (per la green card)

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The prince would be in Los Angeles with a diplomatic permit. To work, however, he also needs a permanent visa, and waiting times are not short. Especially in the coronavirus era. The easiest way? Be “sponsored” by the American wife

Starting April 1st Harry and Meghan Markle no longer “works” for the British crown. The Prince and the former actress, remember, wanted to take a step back, want to live a new life no longer in the shadow of the Windsor, they want to become financially independent. And the coordinates of their new existence begin to take shape, despite the Covid health emergency – 19 has inevitably changed their plans too.

After the first months in Canada, in a villa on Vancouver Island, suspended in front of the ocean, the prince, the former actress and Archie packed their bags.

Direction, United States, home of Meghan . A choice that, it is said, would have made anyway later but that they had to anticipate due to the closure of the Canada-US borders in an attempt to stem the coronavirus infection. Today the Sussex are in Los Angeles, where her mother, Doria Ragland, also lives and has set her eyes on a villa in Malibu, an ideal place to start away from the royal protocol. Especially for Meghan who has thus returned home, and is also close to Hollywood, her first “vocation”. In fact, it seems that Mrs Markle wants to return to acting , as well as consolidating her work as voice actress (now for Disney in Elephant ).

And Harry? Even his nephew 35 enne of the queen would like to go to work to become “financially independent” . But if in Canada, where he has lived in recent months, he could have worked without problems because it is a state that is part of the Commonwealth, the rules are completely different in the United States. As an experienced immigration lawyer revealed to Page Six, also the prince needs a green card for live and work in the United States permanently.

The real – on paper – has three options to get it: he could ask for a permanent visa for his own merits, he can be “sponsored” by his Californian wife or an American institution. Right now, Charles and Diana's second son probably has a diplomatic visa that allows him to stay in the United States for a while, but not of working. And the normal process of obtaining a green card can usually take over a year, and of course this before the Covid emergency – 19. After three years with the green card, Harry would be eligible to become an American citizen. However, this would mean that the prince should renounce his royal title as the sixth in the line of succession to the throne. It is therefore a highly improbable path that the prince does not want to take.

The alternative? Harry could hold the green card for a long time but he should make sure he doesn't spend too many months outside the United States, and he can't vote in the next election. But for him, who has never voted, it would not be a novelty. Furthermore, President Trump is definitely not on the Sussex side. Just a few days ago, in the midst of a medical emergency, he tweeted that the Americans would not pay for their escort. A reciprocal coldness that Meghan has never failed to leak during the years in London. This means that they will not be able to enjoy “special privileges” even on immigration during The Trump administration.

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