Duffy and the details of the rape: “Drugged for weeks, canceling is impossible”

Duffy e i dettagli dello stupro: «Drogata per settimane, cancellare è impossibile»

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The pop star has published a letter in which he recounts the dramatic experience: “I was taken abroad, I was like a zombie. Sexual violence is a murder that leaves you alive. I needed to tell everything, now I feel free “

« Rape is like murder : even if you stay alive, you feel dead. ” The words of Duffy leave no room for reruns : the Welsh singer, through a public letter on her official site, go back to kidnapping and sexual violence who, about ten years ago, have torn it away suddenly from the scenes. “It was my birthday and I was drugged in a restaurant,” she says the artist. «Then I was taken to another country, but I don't remember going up a plane”.

«I was put in a hotel room and I was raped there. I remember the pain and my attempts to stay conscious after the episode, “he reveals again. «I couldn't look my kidnapper in the face , but I was aware of what had happened: I followed him and I retired “. Many, in the social comments at her first outburst, had asked her why she had not attempted an escape: «I thought I'd run away, it's true. But I had no money and I was very scared, I was afraid that would have killed me “.

Indeed, according to reconstruction , the delinquent seems to have on more than one occasion vented to Duffy his desire to kill her : «I don't know how I found the strength to spend those days. I heard the presence of something that helped me to stay alive ». Also because the dramatic experience had a following even when they returned home: «It has me drugged for four weeks, but I don't know if she has abused me even in that period. I was a zombie , with my gaze always lost in the void “.

To save her – she tells – a friend who saw her in those conditions: «I was on the balcony, with a yellow complexion , wrapped in a blanket. He told me that I looked dead “. From there, slowly life started again, but with signs on it indelible : «I thought I should change my name, haircut, country. Maybe I could become a florist , or something. But then I realized that the only way to free myself was to pull out the weight that I had inside: speak with an open heart “.

Without lies in short, hoping to be able to be of help to many other people who have experienced episodes of sexual violence but who have not they manage to talk about it: «There is no greater agony than taking a story unspoken », is the phrase of the American poetess Maya Angelou . Which for Duffy has become a kind of guide in a dramatic moment.


Duffy: «Drugged, raped and held captive»

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