Elena Santarelli and best wishes to Bernardo Corradi: “Love is”

Elena Santarelli e gli auguri a Bernardo Corradi: «L’amore è»

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For the 44 th birthday of the ex footballer, the showgirl posted on Instagram a series of taking photos and – quoting the singer Gabbani – describes the feeling that binds them: «It is you who make me feel good when I'm sick. And viceversa”

From quarantine with love. Bernardo Corradi – like many other people in this emergency period coronavirus – celebrates his birthday among the home walls . To make him smile while he turns off the 44 candles think about his sweet half, Elena Santarelli, who on Instagram dedicates a series of taking photos and a sweet thought, description in music of the feeling that binds them now to almost 15 years.

« Bernardone of my heart », begins the Latina showgirl. «If we had to explain, in a few words, the complex mechanism that governs the harmony of our love », writes quoting the recent song by Francesco Gabbani presented at the Festival of Sanremo. «It would be enough to say, without being too much to reason, that it is you who make me feel good when I'm sick and vice versa. Happy birthday, I love you “.

Musical dedications that continue in Elena's stories , with « Love is a simple thing »By Tiziano Ferro Hold me stronger »than Giordana Angi , « Wonderful my love »by Arisa and the inevitable « Beautiful so »By Laura Pausini. Just as the images with the children are inevitable, Giacomo (10) and the little one Greta, that a few days ago – just like dad – celebrated his fourth birthday at home.

Elena and Bernardo are romantically linked by 2006 , when the former player wore the shirt of the Parma , and they got married on June 2nd 2014, at the end of his career. “We are really well together, we are accomplices, I love him very much “, she declared last week in a long interview with Maurizio Costanzo. “If I am jealous ? Now much less, in fact in the past years I have done many crazy things “.

Madnesses of love, also in quarantine .


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