Eleonora from Belgium has returned to school. When will it be for the other European royalty?

Eleonora del Belgio è tornata a scuola. Quando toccherà agli altri reali europei?

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In the coronavirus era, every European country has its own rules for returning to school. And so Eleonora of Belgium has been on the benches since mid-May, Leonor of Spain will not see them again until September, and Charlotte of Cambridge could return to class before her brother George (but mom Kate doesn't want)

The “new normal” with which Europe is facing in the coronavirus era is different from country to country. Also regarding the return to school of the little royals. The first to set foot in the courtroom was Eleonore of Belgium , 12 years, younger daughter of the sovereigns Philip and Mathilde . Last 15 May returned to the Sint-Jan Berchman , the Catholic school he attends in Brussels, accompanied by his father. In Belgium the government has established a number of pupils reduced to ten per class and morning and afternoon shifts.

A few days later, on 20 May, it fell to the princes Christian and Isabella of Denmark , 14 is 13 years, children of the crown prince Frederik and his wife Mary . The school they attend, the Tranegårdskolen , has just reopened its doors for students since sixth to ninth course. Their younger brothers, the twins Vincent and Josephine , 9 years, however, already they had gone back to school. For the little ones, the classroom doors reopened earlier.

The United Kingdom has also scheduled a return to classrooms staggered by age group. According to it, the princess Charlotte , 5 years old, could return to the prestigious Thomas Battersea on June 1st, while his older brother George , 6, should wait a little longer. But the prince William and Kate Middleton would have no intention of allowing Charlotte to return to school before her brother. Because they would not want to adapt the routine of the other two children forced into quarantine to the routine of the princess. Charlotte, therefore, could spend the month of June in lockdown, together with George and Louis , to return to school in September.

For Amalia of Holland, 16 years, and his younger sisters Alexia , 14 is Ariadna , 13, daughters of King William and his wife Máxima , the situation is uncertain. In their country, elementary school children have started returning to school since last 11 in May, while for older students, the government is still studying a classroom return plan starting in June which will include mandatory hygiene rules, safety distances, and professors' ability to undergo tests for coronavirus.

In Spain, however, a return to school is not expected before September . The princesses Leonor and Sofia , 14 and 12 years, daughters of Letiza and Felipe , until then will not be able to set foot in the Santa María de los Rosales , the college they attend both and where the sovereign father also studied. So they will continue with virtual lessons and online homework , as they have done to date during confinement in the Zarzuela palace.


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