Eros Ramazzotti talks about ex Marica Pellegrinelli: “I immediately made it known to Aurora”

It was July 2019 when Eros Ramazzotti made official the separation from his wife Marica Pellegrinelli , mother of Gabrio Tullio and Raffaela Maria. Since then the gossip has been unleashed: who will be the singer's new companion? Only in the last few months Eros has been attributed well three flames : first the Venezuelan painter Valentina Bilbao , then the Rai presenter Roberta Morise, and finally Sonia Lorenzini , character of the transmission Men and Women . Ramazzotti, every time, hurried to deny everything .

And now, speaking with I Lunatici on Radio 2, he explained that he did it for respect for children . In particular of the eldest daughter Aurora from Michelle Hunziker : «Every two weeks they attribute me a new flirt. My daughter reads, travels a lot on the internet, happens to read something like this and comes to ask me questions. And what do I tell you? I can't set foot outside the house that the photos take me and give me a new flame . There is nothing you can do, there is no remedy. If I were alone, if I didn't have kids, I wouldn't care. It's advertising “, admitted Eros. Who then recalled: “ When I met Marika I immediately introduced her to Aurora . But all the other stories and things I've had before are kept for me. It is right that I decide when to tell my children who my new partner is “.

Eros and Marica, linked for ten years, communicated their farewell relying on a quiet official note: «It was ten wonderful years , together we built a family beautiful and we were happy in an unforgettable way ». And he later intervened on social networks to defend the ex: “Marica is a very good mom, a fantastic woman, not a climber as someone has pointed out”, he did know. The model after the breakup had a story (over, it seems) with the entrepreneur Charley Vezza . But even this has not cracked peace with Eros. Because « life goes on, children count ». And for the children the artist is ready to deny any lying gossip about his love life.


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