Fabrizio Moro: «The meaning of the word freedom has changed»

Fabrizio Moro answers the phone from the house where he has been locked up for two months, one of which spent in total isolation. And a month alone, when you don't know when you can see someone again, it can weigh. Despite the rediscovery of a slow time to be exploited and the possibility of being able to stop. But the constant in his life, in the beautiful moments, but especially in the bad ones, has always been the music and, once again, the Roman singer-songwriter who three years ago won in Sanremo paired with Ermal Meta with Non you did nothing to me and that in October 2019 he finished his tour in the buildings after Children of Nobody , the her latest album, she let her guide him, changing shape from what she had initially planned for her future.


Fabrizio Moro: one centimeter from happiness

The unreleased album scheduled for autumn will not come to life, replaced by an album that will contain all his most beautiful love songs. Like The meaning of everything , the piece on the radio since Friday 22 May and available in streaming, Moro has rearranged, reproduced, to make it resonate like a cry of freedom in these days of recovery to life. He involved his fans, asking for a second 30 video that told their “sense of everything”. He has received more than 1500 and, despite the very difficult selection, he is very proud of the result that focuses entirely on emotion and that sees him for the first time in directing, with Alessio De Leonardis.

Why a new version of a song from 2009?

«I was writing an unreleased album, but I'm used to writing new songs thinking about live. I imagine people singing, I need to visualize spaces. Now that the concerts can't be done and we don't know how long we'll have to stand still, I'm stuck. I became musically apathetic. I was already planning, sooner or later, to go back to old love songs and revive them for a new album, rearrange them. The meaning of everything is one of those I love most. I wrote it when I first became a father, but then the spotlight wasn't on me, it's a song unknown to the general public. I wanted to bring her back to life “.

How did you manage it during isolation?

«I am used to working with producer and sound engineer in the same room. I had started in Diego Calvetti's studio, we switched to a perennial contact on Skype. I didn't know how to do many things, I had to learn them. “

If you couldn't write new songs, what did you write?

«I finally finished the subject of a film that I had in mind for a long time. It's the story of a boxer, I'm already running it among producers. The director will be Alessio De Leonardis, with whom I shot the video of the song. It will be his first work. “

He appears for the first time in directing one of his videos. She liked it?

“It was wonderful. There are few beautiful video clips by Fabrizio Moro. I don't like making videos, when the record company calls me and tells me that there is something to shoot, I usually swear. But being on the other side of the camera was crazy. With few means, we could not have a crew, there was only De Leonardis and the director of photography. We emptied my salon, which is usually full of stuff, we made it aseptic and we shot at night. In this white room, the director of photography came out to arrange the headlights outside the windows that can be seen in the video and I saw an intermittent light enter that looked like a siren. It seemed to me that the world was asking us for help. The result is a beautiful effect. “

He asked his fans to send her “the meaning of everything”. What struck you?

«In diversity we are all equal. Everyone sent their own sense, lots of videos with children arrived, who has no children sent animals, I was struck by a wonderful white horse. There are the tools, the grandparents, the parents, the loves. These are the things that matter to us. The family, our passions. When I saw the finished video I was excited “.

The video also shows his son Libero and his daughter Anita for a few moments. Am I his sense?

«The two of them. And the music. Hand in hand. Without music I would not be happy and I would be a frustrated parent “.

At the end of the video appears a writing dedicated to the possibility of protecting the people we love as our greatest freedom. Were you afraid of not being able to do it?

«Initially yes. When the pandemic broke out I was still around. I've been in self isolation for more than twenty days, locked inside my house. I saw my children again after a month, my mother after two. I missed my friends. I have a very passionate relationship with the people I hang out with. Not being able to see them was tough. For me, the meaning of the word freedom has changed. I understand that it is made up of little things we choose to do and the possibilities we have to do them. “

What was it before?

«This quarantine gave me and took away at the same time. On an emotional and human level I took a big step forward because before I thought that freedom was made up of bigger things, I always thought it was connected to having power: economic, media … I worked all my life starting from scratch and recurring things that in a way they freed me, but also enslaved me. Freedom, on the other hand, is this new meaning that no one will take away from me anymore. ”

Was it difficult to be alone?

«A month is not long. But if you don't know how long it will last, it makes you feel like you're hostage, you don't know if you will be released. This moment of belonging to myself made me reflect on many things and they served me. I don't know if the world will get better or worse, I think that whoever is an asshole will remain an asshole and who has a minimum of sensitivity and intelligence will come out better. But when you are deprived of the little things that are part of your daily life, you find yourself reflecting on what really matters “.

Did you miss love?

«I haven't had a chance, I'm single. My problem is that I fall in love, but sharing the couple's life is very complicated for those around me. Mainly because I'm getting a pain in the ass going forward. It's difficult, I realize it. “

The video is full of children, who seem invisible in this pandemic. How have your been?

«My parents are happy when they don't go to school. They lived it well. I am a separate dad, I tried to help their mom, I took them with me for a few days of the week, but I confess that being alone at home for days was not easy. I rebalanced my relationship with her, I admired her. When I'm not there how does it work? I suffered a bit because I had to work a lot even if I like to stay at home and cook. In fact, I worked twice as hard. I wrote, made videos, produced songs and they were there, Anita is amiably worn out. A mess”.

The silence on the school is very similar to that on the world of music and art in general. Does it seem normal to you that nobody cares?

«I am always confident. I am not afraid, I believe that this thing, beyond the tragedy we have witnessed, will soon end. In March and April we will return to play, things will adjust. It seems that the artists and the school are not taken into consideration, but everything went too quickly. Nobody understood what was going on and we are still trying to understand it. Generations of politicians, doctors, scientists have never experienced anything like this. Two months have passed, everything will slowly settle. Italian politics has given priority to other important things but I hope they look here too. Not so much for famous musicians who often live in well-being. I am lucky, I have the opportunity to live more than well. The biggest problem is for all workers. Because the workers who revolve around concerts and theaters are not making money, they cannot take advantage of any advance. Artists yes, when a tour is confirmed, the artist takes money. I have already asked my live agency to distribute the next advance between me and them. If it is not possible I will advance out of my pocket. Because if they don't work, I'm left without a team. It is not only about safeguarding others, but also a purely practical aspect. If I want that sound engineer and that musician, because I always work with the same people, and those people are not there, it's my problem too. “


Fabrizio Moro: «When nobody listened to me»

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