Fedez, the Codacons and the (absurd) controversy: that's what happened

Fedez, il Codacons e la polemica (assurda): ecco cos'è successo

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In coronavirus emergency, the commendable fundraising of the Ferragnez ended up in the crosshairs of the consumer association for alleged “illegitimacy”: a quarrel arose with shots of social videos. And the web (and not only) has sided en masse with the couple

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni against the Codacons . Or rather, it would be more correct to say the opposite since it was the association for the consumer rights to lash out against the rapper and the fashion blogger. Yes, because according to Carlo Rienzi – president of the organization – the fundraising promoted by Ferragnez through the platform GoFuoudMe to support the intensive care would hide the “ illegitimacy . “

Under the magnifying glass goes « the bundle of 10% »- as Rienzi defined it – that many users have paid to platform at the time of donation. Regardless of the fact that that percentage has always been editable – now also voidable – and which GoFoundMe has equipped in turn 250 thousand euros of his income to the charity initiative, leaves us perplexed that in such a delicate moment for the country look for the controversy .

Accusing Fedez «of being caught with hands in the jam »sent the people of social media furiously it is deployed en bloc with the artist. Even Fabio Fazio and Roberto Burioni defended the good intentions on live TV of the Ferragnez: «With this attack the Codacons confirms its constant commitment in favor of the virus », the virologist writes in no uncertain terms, for some time in war with the association.

Rienzi asks that all donations i for hospitals end up in the hands of the Civil Protection which, however, to be honest, praised initiatives such as that of Fedez and Ferragni: in just two weeks, in fact, they opened a new intensive care unit at San Raffaele in Milan (which will soon widen further), also creating a large canvas with the 200 thousand names of the donors who contributed to the cause.

By the way, to complete this absurd controversy – resulting in videos of insults and threats of lawsuit – Fedez discovered that on the Codacons website there was a banner – later corrected – which referred to aid for the coronavirus but in truth it referred to a form of donation for the association itself: «We too need resources to stay close to consumers in this delicate moment », try to defend Rienzi.

«The matter was referred to the State Police », Even intervened on twitter Carlo Sibilia , undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, thanking Fedez. “These things should never happen, let alone in this period “. Golden words.


Chiara Ferragni and Fedez: «The new intensive therapy is operational»


Coronavirus, inside the Ferragnez project

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