Five rules to combat the homophobia “virus”

On 17 May, in the International Day against Homophobia, the whole world officially said no to contempt, hatred, discrimination . The social campaign for LGBT rights created by Tempo handkerchiefs has also been included in this context. A mini guide to not lose sight of the sense of love

Since the beginning of 2020, in Switzerland, homophobia has been considered a crime punishable by law like racism. This new legal provision, which includes heavy measures up to imprisonment, has certainly marked a significant turning point in our contemporary society. However homophobia, or the fact of discriminating people on the basis of their sexual orientation, in many parts of the world still remains a silent and unpunished “crime”.

Last 17 May, on the occasion of the International Day which promotes the fight against prejudices and discrimination against LGBT people, there was no lack of rumors of denunciation and actions aimed at raising public awareness of a still too heavy reality.

In this context, “ Tips against homophobia “, the video of denunciation with five” suggestions “to contrast homophobia, created by the advertising agency BBDO for handkerchiefs Tempo . Inside, tips that remind the communication and image of the directives developed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the Ministry of Health for the Covid emergency – 19:

1. Do not wash your hands of it when you witness an act of homophobia

2. In the future, do not avoid gatherings of LGBT people: they are the best holidays

3. Keep at least one and a half meters away from those who say: “Everyone can do what they want but at home”

4. Cover your mouth with a tissue or elbow instead of insulting those who are different from you

5. If you think being gay is a disease, self-isolate yourself until you are completely healed

An impact campaign, perfectly in line with the style of the Tempo brand, which has always stood out on social networks for its contemporary and irreverent tone of voice but above all for its attitude of openness and tolerance in civil rights matters.

“Time is with you for life”, stressed in this regard Elisa Albanese, marketing manager of the Essity group. “Even in those moments when we are confronted with contempt, discrimination and hatred: we are with you every day to blow away the negativity and celebrate the fact that we are all wonderfully different and simply human”.

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