Football resumes, but not for women

Il calcio riprende, ma non per le donne Il calcio riprende, ma non per le donne

Women's football could start again, but the athletes ask for the same protections that their male colleagues have. The certainty of professionalism seems distant

It is not like for men, even in the coronavirus emergency women's football starts again with more difficulty . It is always an economic issue which, however, now has health implications. Women's football does not have the same structures and funds as men's teams, but neither can it be based on rules made for amateur sport.

Among the first to speak, after the go-ahead to training, Sara Gama , captain of the national team, was , «We expect equal health protections of our male colleagues , that an ad hoc protocol will be drawn up because that of the amateurs for us not good for shooting.

And then we wait for the resources to return to train and live as professionals as we are “.

Only the larger teams, linked to the men's Serie A clubs, are able to manage what is required by the protocols only for training. For the management of a symptomatic case, the guidelines suggest the «creation of a place dedicated to isolation where to temporarily hospitalize those who manifest the onset of symptoms attributable to Covid – 19 during sports activities ». This rule allowed Serie A to be unlocked. The team must not remain in a forced retreat to train and must not go more in quarantine. Only the individual will be isolated and the others will take the exams again and will be able to continue working.

Women's football has stopped since Sunday 23 February, six rounds are missing. As the male one could resume with the Serie A. Ludovica Mantovani, President of the FIGC Female, explained the difficulties: «The feasibility of carrying on our championship is based on two fundamental pillars: the first is that of put our clubs in a position to be able to bear these expenses that can be given by everything that entails carrying on a season. The second point is the protection of female athletes… Clubs must be able to carry out all checks on female athletes, as it happens for their male colleagues. I always say: equal rights, equal duties … If there is a line for the Serie A, B and Lega Pro male, we must follow the same for the Female Serie A “.


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