From “axillary sex” to other unusual areas that stimulate pleasure

It is called “armpit sex”, axillary sex , and it is the sexual practice that has spread particularly among young people as an alternative to penetration in the relationship between men -woman or woman-woman . A curious way of obtaining pleasure, similar to the tradition of armpit fetishism, which is actually a paraphilia, a sexual perversion that is found when one becomes sexually aroused at the sight or during contact with the armpits . Scientifically it is called mascalagnia and is probably less famous than podophilia, the foot fetish, which boasts a much richer tradition of literary and cinematographic quotations (an example among all? The playful interpretation that the director gave it Charles Crichton in A fish named Wanda , with the funny sequence in which Kevin Kline undresses Jamie Lee Curtis pulling out the black boots with the heel and blowing inside and then smelling them with ardor before the embrace!).

Sexual arousal fueled by contact with unusual areas of the body is not, however, a novelty, nor exclusively the product of a perversion. On the contrary, especially in the phase of love foreplay, a complete tactile experience with the body will allow you to know the key points of your own pleasure and that of others. Furthermore, by stimulating at best parts that are not strictly intimate, the conditions will be created for an erotic encounter with a high satisfaction rate. He also talked about it in depth Marcia Durante in the book Your G-spot , a guide to discover the stimulating areas of pleasure , which do not always coincide with the canonical ones, but which can equally turn into valid “control units” of excitement. A few examples?


Using your thumbs, make (or get done) circular micro massages on the temples and in the center of the forehead . A scalp massage always releases a beneficial relaxation effect. The ideal, therefore, to be practiced both at the beginning and at the end of the relationship.


Did you know that? The eyelids can be a powerful erogenous zone. They are rich in nerve endings, for this reason licking them, kissing them or even just touching them can create pleasant and intense sensations.


The lobe and the back: here are the key points to stimulate with the tongue, small bites, slight puffs … Even the ears, in fact, are a part of the body particularly sensitive to stress. And – good to know – men are much more so than women!


Three ideal body points to be gently touched with the hands. But also with the lips and the tongue , to provoke small shivers of pleasure … If you are the one to stimulate him, do it with energy: the male skin is thicker and the men do not disdain a mouth a little more aggressive!


The arms have a lot to say during love foreplay. The area of ​​the armpits, as already mentioned, and the internal part of the forearm are also sensitive to a gentle manual stimulation , while the internal part of the elbow, secondary erogenous zone, is very exciting if stimulated simultaneously with other parts . The hands, on the other hand, have over 40 thousand nerve endings, which is why they are very receptive to stimulation. An ad hoc exercise? Bring the partner's hand over your mouth and run the palm of your hand with the tip of your tongue: it will have a new and very hot feeling!


Sensually massaging the part that goes from the shoulders to the bottom of the spine can be very erotic , both for him and for her. On the sides of the spine, in fact, there are several nerve endings that can be stimulated effectively, both ways, both with the hands and through the mouth. The absolute most sensitive part? That at the height of the sacrum.


Like the hands, the feet are also rich in nerve endings. You can “play” in various ways, licking, kissing, nibbling … An effective idea can be to massage them gently with an oil, starting from the heel and going down to the fingers, stimulating them one by one, and then ending with a foot massage . If you want to dare a little more, use yours to “caress” its intimate areas …