From Beyoncé to Billie Eilish: the stars ask for justice for George Floyd

The choir is unanimous and comes from the top echelons of the US and international star system. While the protests continue to inflame not only the city of Minneapolis, but also metropolises such as Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York, the stars take sides and express all their dismay p er to the brutal death of George Floyd , the African American who on 25 May was crushed to death by the knee of a Minneapolis police officer preventing him from to breathe. The episode, which led many Americans to take to the streets and which further shaken the establishment of Donald Trump , already fiercely criticized for the management of the coronavirus emergency in the States United, it has touched several known faces of the show, white or black.

Beyoncé shared a video on his Instagram profile in which he asks for justice for George Floyd: «We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight: we are devastated and disgusted. We cannot normalize this pain. No more senseless murders of humans. We no longer want to see black people treated as if they were not human, “Beyoncé explains before adding that although the gendarme Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder, the truth is still far from being reached. The same opinion is also Billie Eilish, who always shares a very long message on Instagram inviting followers to use the phrase « All Lives Matter» , all lives are worth, in response to the BLM movement: “If all lives are important why have black people been killed because they are black?” Eilish provocatively asks, emphasizing the hundred years of oppression of blacks in the United States, the need to run for cover and to commit to building a present and future equal for all, regardless of the color of the skin. The appeal is also joined by Rihanna , who says she has been away from social media all this time because she is deeply shaken by what happened: «Watch my people murdered and lynched day after day he took me to a heavy place in my heart “ tells RiRi before asking not only justice, but also truth.

The list of stars involved is long and, together with the appeal to support non-profit organizations such as Minnesota Freedom Fund, created to support Minnesota protesters, the words of support by Ariana Grande, by Kim Kardashian («I have a broken heart in seeing mothers, fathers, sisters, siblings and children suffer because their loved one was murdered or imprisoned unjustly for being black “), by Reese Witherspoon (” It was difficult for me to reconcile difference between what I was taught in church and what I see in the world. I don't want this for my children “), The Rock, the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez ( “Too many lives of black people have been taken by us for too long. They deserve better. They deserve to be heard. We must all do better and not hide in silence while this injustice continues”). On Friday 29 May Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with manslaughter and third degree murder after being He was fired on Tuesday by the Minneapolis police department, along with the other officers present at the time of Floyd's death. However, protests continued across the country over the weekend, reflecting on the long history of racial injustice that has permeated the United States for centuries. It's not over yet.

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