From Gigi Hadid to Vittoria Ceretti, the ideas of the top women on how to pass the quarantine

The Coronavirus emergency has now spread to every continent, forcing millions of people around the world within the walls of the home: a global condition that brings out how much, despite the fact that other nations can often seem far away, we are all part of one, interconnected, community . Of course, celebrities are also part of it, which we have suddenly discovered to be “common mortals” as well. Among these, those who have traveled more in recent weeks have been the models protagonists of the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, who for more than a month they moved between the great fashion capitals.

In fact, the top of the moment are always on the road to take part in advertising campaigns and shooting for fashion editorials, but at the moment they too, used to being always on the move, find themselves spending more time than usually in their homes. How are they going through their quarantine, far from the spotlights of the catwalks and photographers' flashes? And what advice would they give us, to make the most of our time?

1. Finally understand how TikTok works

Bella Hadid took advantage of the quarantine to subscribe to the social platform of the moment, with which fun is ensured between ballets, special effects, TV / film voiceovers and playback of famous music tracks. Obviously, as long as you understand how it works: why not try, then? A little carefree, in this period, is always welcome.

2. Learn some traditional recipes


Accustomed as we are to order dinners at home and eat lunches in a hurry and then return to work, often you do not have the time or the energy to do something elaborate with your own hands in the kitchen. The Italian top Vittoria Ceretti took advantage of this forced break to rediscover one of the traditional recipes of our country: the gnocchi. Nothing better to engage the mind and then … the palate.

3. Take the dog for a walk yes, but with the right precautions

Who has a dog, during this period, has a lifeline to be able to take at least a breath of fresh air during the day. Even the model Stella Maxwell takes her four-legged friend every day to take four steps, but always with a mask and avoiding areas with other people, applying the safety distance. Obviously, with great style.

4. Launch initiatives to support collective mental health

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Hi everyone – I hope you're all staying safe and healthy. These are uncertain times and I know that like me, a lot of you out there are feeling anxious and looking for ways to cope. To that end, and in the spirit of staying connected, Gurls Talk is launching our Coping Together initiative. I'm inviting you all to join me in submitting art, videos, photos, poetry, essays, journal entries, humor – anything that helps you process your emotions. If you're interested in submitting your work please email your submission, location, age and IG handle or tag us on IG (@gurlstalk) with the hashtag #copingtogether and we'll be sharing it across Gurls Talk socials and website. I can't wait to see all your work! Mad love and stay safe! @gurlstalk

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Feeling connected to others, especially for those who suffer particularly from loneliness or those who struggle with a psychological disorder every day, is of fundamental importance. Adwoa Aboah , successful model and founder of the Gurls Talk platform, a safe space in which women of all ages can talk about their problems, has launched a very creative initiative: Coping Together, with which anyone can send their own drawing, written, video and not only, that will help themselves and others to develop the most difficult emotions at the moment. Girls power!

5. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the house

Cleaning, in these quarantine days, never seems too much, as well as the disinfection of the surfaces most exposed to the touch of the hands: «Quarantined mood … after the disinfection of all the handles of the house, thinking of all the other surfaces still at risk »wrote Gigi Hadid on Instagram. Yes, she is one of us too.

6. Develop a guide to isolate yourself and be productive

One of the best ways to organize your time during this period is undoubtedly to keep up with every day: having a routine even at home, which includes moments of work but also of self-care and relaxation, thanks to which you are even more productive. The model Rianne Van Rompaey , with her personal video guide on Instagram, is inspiring thousands of people to take charge of their daily lives and, why not, inspire others in turn.

7. Let yourself be tempted (and give in) to junk food

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to stay healthy and keep your immune defenses high, has never been more important than in this period. But giving yourself a little relaxation, even from dieting, is a good and right thing: Kaia Gerber professed it on Instagram, taking inspiration from none other than the movie Mamma I lost the plane. Junk food and TV series, what can this combination beat after all?

8. Doing home workouts

To compensate for the point above, let's not forget to move, because the journey from one room to another in the house and the opening and closing of the fridge are not to be considered as physical activity: the model Grace Elizabeth sets a good example by recording her workouts and explaining each step. Anyone can follow suit, and no special equipment is needed. No excuses!

9. Tell our friends how much we miss them

Whether it's a call, a message, or a social post, such as that of Kendall Jenner , keeping in touch with loved ones is one of the best ways to hold on in this period of social distance. And take the opportunity to tell them how much we miss them … in case it really is.

10. Discover new ways of being with family

In case you are confined to your home with your family, although it is of primary importance to maintain your moments of privacy, to better live the quarantine there is nothing better than sharing. Adut Akech , named model of the year for the 2019, is taking advantage of this period at home, and not around the world as during the rest of the year, to have fun with his siblings: why not turn this quarantine into a series of unforgettable family memories?


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