From Union Jack to stars and stripes: celebs carry the flag of fashion high

Dalla Union Jack alle stelle e strisce: le celeb portano alta la bandiera della moda

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The mini dress with the English flag worn by Geri Halliwell in the 1997 has gone down in history. But over time, many other celebs have also appeared in “flag dress”. Whether it is seasoned with political or social messages, one thing is certain: the flag is a couture act

There is a thin line-à-portèr between patriotism, political / social message and fashion. And go from the flag dresses always spotted on the celebs that wave them on the red carpet, catwalks, festivals and stages and, in more recent times, Instagram. Just of the flag dress most famous in history, the one with the Union Jack , the British flag, entered the gotha ​​of iconic clothes together with the Jungle by Jennifer Lopez, at Revenge by Lady Diana and at Versace with Liz Hurley's safety pins, she returned to speak the one who made him a legend, Geri Halliwell.

In a recent interview for Vogue Usa the ex Ginger Spice recalled the genesis of the iconic outfit of the 1997 and why he became one status symbol : “I was introduced to this black Gucci minidress (for the Brit Awards performance, ed. ) which resembled a swimsuit by Marilyn Monroe over the years 50. But I felt that something was missing. I found a cloth placemat with the Union Jack printed on it . I showed it to the stylist but she replied that I could not put it on because it could be linked to the National Front, an extremist and very racist party of the time. But I replied that we Spices would instead celebrate all cultures and so I added the symbol of peace on the back of the dress. I completed the outfit with boots platform : my father is a mechanical and I used spray paint to dye them red. In the end the length of the dress cried sensuality while the red boots were a statement “don't try to stand against me, you know” “.

The back of the Union Jack Dress worn in the 1997 by Geri Halliwell. Photo Getty.

The day after the performance of the Spice Girls that dress was on the front pages of all tabloid of the time, becoming synonymous with identity and Girl Power . The flag of the United Kingdom then began to circulate in fashion collections turning into trends, worn later in all the reunion by Geri herself (who in 2012 even launched a collection of items for the English chain low cost Next inspired at Union Jack Dress ) and by many celebrities, not only Anglo-Saxons . In 2000, at MTV Movie Awards , the American and fashion icon par excellence, Sarah Jessica Parker, sanctioned DNA à la page of the British flag, showing on stage with one Union Jack Dress . In 2013 Taylor Swift, during Victoria's Secret Fashion Show , appeared on the catwalk with a short dress combined with a cape, bowler hat and shoes, declaration glamor of his UK addiction .

But of course le celeb born in the USA there is no shortage, when they can, of being wrapped in stars & stripes , on Thanksgiving (not counted) and beyond. By Katy Perry, which represents the US pop response to Geri Halliwell for the number of times she appeared in national flag dresses, to Meryl Streep (yes, she also succumbed to the charm of patriotism), from Destiny's Child to Paris Hilton. Stars & stripes represent the vehicle couture of political ideas, in support of the different factions. To the last Grammys the singer-songwriter Joy Villa has clearly expressed her pro-Trumpian thought with her outift, while the actress Megan Porman has transmitted a pacifist message with the cloak formed by the flags of Iran and the United States sewn together.

But in this “battle” between the UK and the USA, other countries also insinuate themselves for the control-à-porter of the world and in the gallery we have collected the famous alignments over the years. Because they are worn for identity spirit, peace in the world or in the name of the trend, the flag dress have a common denominator: they will never go out of style.


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