Generation TikTok: Giovanni Arena

Generazione TikTok: Giovanni Arena

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Giovanni Arena is one of the most loved creators and one of the first to bring the trips on TikTok so much to be called “The guy who travels”. We interviewed him and he created 3 videos exclusively for us that you find on our Tik Tok account.

Hi! Present yourself for us!

Hi I am Giovanni and I am a recent graduate in psychology as well as working in social media and being a travel creator. I love to travel and express my passion on all possible and imaginable social media (except Youtube because I still have to get there).

How do you express your creativity on TikTok?

I started making TikTok at January 2020 when I did my Interrail, a train journey that starts from Milan and reaches the north of Norway . It was a long journey, however, super nice and I recommend it to everyone. I shared this experience of mine through TikTok and from there I understood that the perfect combination for my TikTok is storytelling on one side and creative photos on the other. Travel is obviously the basis of everything.

What is the video you most enjoyed making?

The videos that immediately began to depopulate on TikTok are my videos from Disney. I started by chance to find places around Europe that looked very much like Disney landscapes and on TikTok liked it very much. The video that amused me the most I think is the one at Hallstatt in Austria , very similar to the reign of Arendelle of Frozen . After that video everyone started calling me “The guy who travels”.

@ giovanniarena_You asked me for more Hallstatt videos, here is part two. 🙂 🥰 thanks for the 30 k! 🙏🏻 ♬ Into The Unknown – thanofoz 1995

What are your favorite effects?

I actually don't use effects on TikTok, I prefer to do them. For example, I really like creating transitions through video programs that I have on my computer, having done a thousand tutorials and training courses in this area, I want to put into practice everything I have learned. I want a more professional result, let's say.

Music: Italian or foreign?

Foreign! I'm super obsessed with Lady Gaga , I'm one of her biggest fans. I have been following her for 10 years and I have also done a TikTok in which I tell when 18 years I went alone to London to go to her concert and I ran after her in a taxi to take a photo with her.

@ giovanniarena_Have you ever done stupid things for your idol? Here is my madness! 😂 ♬ original sound – giovanniarena _

What do you watch on TikTok: do you have favorite accounts?

I mainly go to see what my friends do like @lorenzonuti and @lindastabilini who always make me laugh a lot, but I also really appreciate the most “professional” part of TikTok as @thatslorenzo which influences me a lot to create more technical and quality content.

Can you give me some advice to make cool videos?

Being spontaneous and not wasting a lot of time to understand what to put on or what not to put on, the trick is to seize the moment.

Where do you get inspiration from for your videos?

My sources of inspiration are National Geographic And Pinterest while for the construction of the contents I would say @ThatLorenzo who does not travel but does creative storytelling .

Something that few people know about you?

Not everyone knows that to take pictures and go on a trip I wake up around 5. 00 / 6. 00 in the morning for two reasons:

1- The absence of people that allows my photos to be more cute: I don't want anyone around because they ruin my shots.

2- The light, because for photography it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The morning is your best friend.

What is your dream in the drawer?

I have many dreams but in general I want to feel fulfilled. Traveling and discovering new cultures and new countries that can inspire me every day is certainly the best way to do it. As my mother always says: “Remember that travel is the only thing that makes you spend money but enriches you at the same time”.

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