GIF horoscope for April 2020

Given the situation, the only truly credible forecast for this April 2020 is one for all signs : will you stay at home. But since we believe in it and we think that while staying at home, things and even beautiful things can happen to us, here is sign by sign the horoscope of the month, obviously rigorously in gifs .

ARIETE The password of your 2020 is: maturity. Impossible, but true, this year will see you protagonists of a spiritual and emotional rebirth. Do we want to recall the ex you keep thinking about to start getting serious? Okay, this is the moment when you realize who is really important. But be careful not to mistake boredom for love.

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BULL This month puts you to the test with one of the worst challenges you would never want to face: change. But you will come out unscathed because even you, who have not used the same Instagram filter for ten years, will want to revolutionize your life. Take advantage of the quarantine to change your life for the better!

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GEMINI You are splendid! Venus in your sign, but also Mars and Saturn in Aquarius give you brain energy that makes you irresistible – but also a little spiteful. You are granted, but be careful that your roommates don't make you pay.

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CANCER April sweet sleep, but not for you, on the contrary. Jupiter does not leave you calm even in quarantine and forces you to make social life online, and between video calls and chats your phone is always empty. A dispassionate advice: leave the first move to others, to understand who really wants all this interaction and who is only indulging you.

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LION The Sun in Aries gives you a hit of energy that you could illuminate an entire city! Want to travel far: at least do it with your imagination! In love, keep an eye on you, think about it. A forced co-existence not to be alone is not a brilliant idea.

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VIRGIN Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius should make you light as feathers. But no: you could be possessive like a dog with its bone and closed in on yourself like a mussel. Breathe.

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LIBRA It is an excellent month for you, despite the quarantine! Mars and Saturn help love and your creative disposition blooms like flowers in spring, with plenty of time to dedicate yourself to new projects. Even your Instagram bulletin board is in perfect chromatic harmony. Wow.

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SCORPIO You are a volcano of chaotic energy ready to explode. Restless, look for strong emotions and intense passions, but nothing and nobody seems to be at your height (especially at the moment). Meanwhile, calm the hot spirits with a nice cold shower.

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SAGITTARIUS Patience is not your character trait, but this month you should practice because you will need it. Planets help you, you just have to wait for the right moment to emerge. In the meantime, give yourself to meditation.

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CAPRICORN I know you have a heart, but you often hide it behind a slab of cryptonite and work graphics. You are focused (again!) On the career, also in order not to go crazy in this moment of enclosure, but you must not neglect the affections because the planets make you very sweet. Call your mother!

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AQUARIUS You are not inclined to the bonds of a couple, but this month obviously pirates to consolidate relationships, while singles may want to bond with someone. Listen to the other as much as possible: you have a lot of time.

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FISH Spring has no effect on you. Closed in yourself, become the gardeners of your inner Eden. You have time to recover.

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