GionnyScandal: «Summer state of mind»

«Usually, it takes very little. A word, a sound. I can translate an idea into music, I can explain to my producer how I would like a piece to sound, but this time it went differently “. GionnyScandal , who last September explained with ill-concealed pride how pioneering his art was, suffered a blockage, the first of his career. In Meda, where the Coronavirus forced him to stay, he was unable to develop the refrain that sounded in his head. “I heard it echo.

“When you move that peach, you make my head spin,” “says Gionata Ruggeri, aware of how” peach “has now lost its first meaning.

The pink fruit that, on paper, brings with it the scent of summer, the first warms and the first trips, has become, in Instagram's lexicon, the metaphor of the backside. «It's very clickbait», explains the singer, to whom the collaboration with Max Pezzali , last November, has returned the desire to experiment, beyond genres and labels, beyond the impositions of a company that seems to need to be able to catalog each of its members. “The emotrap started to make me feel a little unhappy, unsatisfied. I felt the need to do something else, not to enter the studio crushed by the imperative to write about love “, admits GionnyScandal, whose Pesca , out today, 27 May promises to be the catchphrase of a summer that doesn't exist, hit reggaeton in the season of closed discos.


GionnyScandal, king of the emo-trap: «It is not enough to wear necklaces»

How did this Peach come about?

“Before the quarantine, I put on Instagram a post in which I explained that I broke the boxes to always make the same genre, always the same love songs. Fishing started from here. I was in the studio before the lockdown. I had it in my head. “

And why did it take you so long to get her out?

«I could not complete it. One evening, playing the Playstation with Eddy Veerus, the singer of the Payer, I made him feel it. “ Friar “, I said to him, “I need another head, come to the studio.” He came, he helped me. We managed to complete the song. “

So it's a featuring.

“No. It was an authorial collaboration. I wrote 95% of the song, Eddy the final special “.

Do you often ask friends for help?

«It happens that I make them listen to my songs in preview. Even with Fishing it happened. Boro Boro has had it, Fred De Palma, who for two years now has been the king of summer catchphrases, told me that he is very strong. Maybe floppa , I don't say it with arrogance. I am very self-critical and it is not for me to think that every piece of mine should be a hit, but this breaks “.

Pesca , therefore, is a small programmatic manifesto: it will no longer make emorap.

«Not only that, no. Two months ago, before this Coronavirus ruckus happened, I started to feel limited going into the studio. I wanted to do more, it's not always sad stuff, always about love “.

And is it possible, as a singer, to do everything: rap, pop, reggaeton?

«Yes, I thought that music is going to the studio and writing what you feel when you cross the threshold. I'm a pretty versatile one, and the record that will come will be unexpected. Pesca remains, however, unique in its kind “.

Do you believe that the public is ready to buy a record without labels, not pop, not rap, but «everything»?

“I think so. The music is so saturated and full of genres and subgenres that a disc no longer has the function of the past. I think it has become the playlist of the artist who produces it, the collection of singles already released together with some unpublished. Obviously, not everyone can do such a thing. Vasco Rossi cannot get up one morning and decide to go on a trap. But we young people have this possibility “.

In November 2019, with Max Pezzali, he sang We are what we are . Will there be more featuring on the album to come?

«There are two or three at stake, but everything is reduced to the embryonic stage. I would like to prioritize friendships, but friendship is not always enough. It happens that some artists have the agenda so full that they cannot listen to you “.

Do you expect criticism from your colleagues for Pesca ?

«There is always criticism, no matter what each of us does. If I gave weight to everything, I would no longer be able to work. This lockdown period helped me to reflect on a personal and professional level. I said to myself that what matters most is me: enter the studio and come out happy. Others think of themselves, and I must do the same “.

How did you experience the lockdown?

«My producer and I, Sam Lover, took advantage of it. Not being able to go to the studio, we asked Universal to rent a house in Milan for us that had some comfort. We locked ourselves in and wrote for two weeks “.

Personal stuff, style Black Mood?

«I invent very little, as a rule. Pesca is less autobiographical, but most of what I write starts from personal events. Black Mood , however, was conceived in a very bad period of my life, a period in which I suffered from depression and panic attacks. This period has passed, and songs of the genre, in the new album, there will be none. “

But does it make sense to go out with a summer piece in the time of a summer without beaches or discos?

«We asked ourselves, we talked about it a lot. We discussed the opportunity to write a danceable piece with discos and closed clubs and, in the end, we said that music lives and must always live, even in the bed of a single individual, with headphones on his head “.

How do you think the public will welcome you?

«I hope that Pesca can help normalize the period we are living in, I hope it can help to think positive. To do a sad piece in this period, with people worried about themselves, about their economic fortunes, would not have seemed fair. I think summer entertainment can help us all to leave the virus problem behind. “


Tiziano Ferro, and the controversy over his requests to the government

Tiziano Ferro asked for answers for the fate of the workers. As an artist, how did you get it?

«I think our job has always been put aside. Even now, in 2020, it is full of people asking me: “What do you do with real work?”. Some of my uncles are obsessed with this question. It was obvious that Conte, in the early evening, would not deal with the theme of musicians and workers. What, this, that I don't think is right “.


«Because it is a job, not my job, but a job and as such should be protected. Any profession that presents socio-economic problems or problems should be protected. If there will ever be an initiative to take part in to raise awareness on a topic that goes beyond me or Tiziano Ferro, I will be there. When an artist stops, the tours, the sound engineers, the technicians stop. It's a chain. “

How do you see the future of the tours?

“I do not know. Now we talk about indoor concerts, where people, no more than two hundred, are seated, well spaced. But how do you do it? To make it sustainable, how do you do it? Do they charge tickets 16 thousand euros? “.

Are online tours a valid alternative?

«In the short term, perhaps. The best thing about my job is going on tour and doing concerts. This could be an alternative, but not a solution. Momentarily, bringing an online concert helps to satisfy those who bought a ticket and can no longer use it, but I hope it is not forever “.

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