Gwyneth Paltrow and the “safe” birthday of her son Moses (increasingly similar to Chris Martin?)

Gwyneth Paltrow e il compleanno «in sicurezza» del figlio Moses (sempre più simile a Chris Martin?)

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Parade of cars in the courtyard of the star: the boy's friends, who performs 14 years, they wish him luck and throw gifts from the windows. While in the photo posted by the actress an increasingly clear resemblance emerges

Social distancing . This is the diktat that has revolutionized everyone's lives for over a month now, including those of the stars. No exception Gwyneth Paltrow who, after speaking publicly with a sexual adviser of the possible repercussions of the quarantine on couples, organized the birthday of his son Moses in the backyard, in compliance with the security provisions.

Friends of the boy, who made 14 years, have in fact arrived in the Paltrow residence accompanied by parents, aboard two cars . And there they remained, looking out the windows to wish and throw the presents: “ Socially distanced birthday parade for Mose s”, writes Gwyneth telling the episode on social media and taking the cars decorated with colored balloons and billboards.

«This boy is the best and has 14 years, incredible », says the American actress on the sidelines of a series of keep photos. «He is a kind little man, with a unique way to express oneself and look at the world. You have an immense talent and achieve all the goals you set yourself: I am really proud of you, never stop from being like this. And not even to hug me every time you greet me. I love you so much”.

The images posted by Gwyneth reopen the famous debate on similarities in the family : on the other hand both she and her ex-husband, the singer Chris Martin, have undoubtedly left their genetic imprint on both children. But if the eldest Apple (16) at first it seemed as it is to dad and now she is veering towards her mother's features, Moses seems instead to be following the reverse path .

«It resembles s always more to Chris »Writes a fan. Although the somatic features of the mother – this must be said – are still well recognizable.


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