H & amp; M, here is the new Conscious Exclusive collection

H&M, ecco la nuova collezione Conscious Exclusive

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Inspired by the luxurious Train Bleu of the years 20 and the decadent atmosphere of the time, the Conscious Exclusive collection for Spring / Summer 2020 speaks of timeless elegance and circularity. Still taking a step forward for the environment

In this age of enormous changes and paradigm shifts, the fashion industry plays a key role, as well as the giants within it: among these there is H&M, which for the 2030 has set itself as an ambitious goal, that of using exclusively recycled materials or materials coming from sustainable sources in its production. Fast fashion yes, therefore, but with an eye to the environment, with which new innovative materials and sustainable approaches are continuously tested. The main test for this approach is the Conscious Exclusive line, which since 2012 carries on the sustainable philosophy of the brand between development and innovation.

For this Spring / Summer 2020, the new H&M Conscious Exclusive collection takes its cue from the glamor of the golden years and circular innovation: created through sustainable processes and with innovative fabrics in fact, the new range of clothing and accessories is inspired by Le train Bleu , a luxurious night train of the years 20 who carried his passengers from Calais to the French Riviera, and from the famous artists who frequented the environment of Villa Santo Sospir in Cap Ferrat, such as Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso. The collection recalls the decadent and carefree atmosphere of those years through a contemporary look, with showy evening dresses and ethereal items for the day , and presents new materials from sustainable sources such as CIRCULOSE® made from recycled fabrics and RENUTM, a type of high quality recycled polyester, together with textile waste from previous collections.


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Among the key pieces of the new Conscious Exclusive collection by H&M we find a long evening dress in recycled polyester, a mini dress in taffeta recycled with pleated sleeves, a day dress with ruffles in CIRCULOSE® and a undyed denim in organic cotton with 100% . The accessories include elegant low sandals with decorations of recycled glass beads, from the scraps of the previous collections, and a bag in VEGEATM, an innovative, vegan and alternative material to the skin, obtained from the skin and the stem of the grapes. Sustainable yes, but also lasting, the collection has been designed with greater attention to the emotional bond to be installed with each dress and accessory, passe-partout in step with trends and, at the same time, to be reinterpreted in the future for a longer duration. The new Conscious Exclusive for Spring / Summer 2020, in the gallery, is available from 26 March.


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